Wintergrasp - wtf happened!?

Has anyone else recently gone to Wintergrasp and found, unless you are defending, it’s near impossible to win!?

Every NPC hits like a truck, and it takes around 8-10 minutes to get a high enough rank to acquire a vehicle. From there, it takes forever to get through the walls at the base (approximately 6 minutes per wall with 2 siege vehicles). My partner and I managed to get in and win with around just under 2 minutes of leigh way, but if even just 1 Horde player rocked up and disrupted us, we would have had no chance…

Is this Blizzard providing the no one asked for it, scaling again!? Good luck to anyone working on this BG… prepare to be tested!

Its noticed long ago. People leave bg after first fight on sunken ring since no chance you can win anymore.

What I found most disturbing is that the Demo’s do literally all the work. Just drive around with 12 of those together and zerg through the enemy raid like it is nothing, is that what we call PvP nowadays?

Just a horrific BG, like the other EBGs really. Scrap it and/or give us blacklists again. Cheers.

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I don’t mind, that they revived it, but i guess, they didn’t think it through. The defending team should not have that easy access to vehicles.

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Well 2 things originally the death counter worked so you could win by kills and secondly the attackers had a buff.
As an alliance attacker when I get a spawn I click out immediatly and take deserter it is not worth my effort the defender starts with 16 possible tanks the attacker 8 and the defender cannot drop below 8 tanks its not fun at all

The thing is, it’s not current content, not even close. As well as that, there is no emphasis on anything happening in Wintergrasp, and I have never seen a forum post where anyone has expressed unhappiness with it being ‘too easy’ or anything of that nature. Why make old content more difficult!? As if we aren’t busy enough with new content, or old new content, or old old new content… Why increase the difficulty, so significantly, of content from 5 expansions ago!!! We literally are supposed to be twice as powerful as were then, with WoTLK being lvl 60 cap and now we are lvl 120 cap. We have defeated titans!!! It’s just a needless chunk of time to be eaten up…

Yes, you don’t have to do it, but that isn’t the point. No one asked for it, why change it!?

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