<Wipe Buff Repeat> Social guild with casual raiding

Do you ever feel,
like you’re missing a beat,
riding around Korthia,
searching for Elites?
Rare scanner pings on your map,
you quickly mount up,
write “OMW” in general chat,
you see the rare from afar,
and then you see its depleting health bar.
Baby you wont make it there,
cos the pugs are zerging another rare,
makes you wanna go Alt F4,
until tomorrow when you log on for more!

HORDE- We are a social casual raiding guild, raiding on Thurs/Sat 9pm Server time. We pride ourselves on a strong core of members who are very active on Discord, Mythic + keys are constantly being run with swap outs to make sure everyone gets a chance.

We need raiders! We mainly need dps but if you are an offspec Tank or healer then that is an option too! We have a chilled raiding atmosphere and are looking forward to HC SoD with a strong team made up of both new and ex mythic raiders.
Interested? Add me on Bnet NoShelfLife#2199 or Discord Emmz#1868



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