With Evokers getting a 3rd spec

If anyone has real potential for a new spec other than Evokers it would 100% be warriors as we already had a 4th spec that was removed.


Imagine a warrior with shield and a massive pole arm in his hand dealing damage instead of tanking


Or it got removed because it wasn’t a good idea to give warriors a 4th spec :slight_smile:

It was removed because as they found with feral and guardian, 2 speccs existing in 1 has never worked.

Gladiator however was a good idea. A sword and board dps has always been highly demanded fantasy.

Problem was its implementation wasnt a good idea.

So why was it so fun?

Timeline of Gladiator

WOD launch

Arms/Fury massively undertuned, Gladiator slightly overtuned. World first still takes a Fury Warrior and nobody runs a Gladiator because they don’t bring rallying cry and Fury while having awful single target, had good burst AOE.

BRF - Arms/Fury now really good, Gladiator slightly behind but still competitive in a niche way, but it doesn’t bring rallying cry so nobody runs them, they would have needed to be at the very least as good as they were pre-nerf, if not better, to be taken.

HFC - Arms/Fury really good, Gladiator also really good but they don’t bring rallying cry, Fury was much better on AOE and Arms was much better on cleave. Nobody took them.

Gladiator had no execute dps, it had weak burst, it was decent at everything but a master of nothing, no raid utility, worse survival than Arms due to no die by the sword. With a few small tweaks Blizzard could have fixed all these things but they decided to bury the spec because Legion was coming and they didn’t want to accommodate Prot DPS with the Artifacts, RIP.

I kinda wanna spell-breaker spec for warriors x’D

the only 4th spec warrior should get is DRAGOON,with a pole and shield and period.

and what was this spec? a melee spec against magic and casters.

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