With regards to Nucleus Pro (Horde guild)

This is the kinda drama, I miss every time not hanging about in Org!

Know what, thank you to all the alliance out there fighting with me. I would rather that than be stuck in some soap opera in /2 Org lol!

Could someone make a list of the new guild the toxic players are in so the horde can continue avoiding them and the alliance can focus gank their backsides.

Its getting less enjoyable every time, whats up with the 8-10 man raids palawaifuuu?

we gotta respond to the zug-zug somehow friend

Nah, I’m a very self-oriented Leader (Former of Nucleus) who just focussed on making my hours for the Guild daily to maintain strong weekly improvements. It was a unique notorious innovation which, wether people hated or loved it brought a lot to the Flamelash community. I’m a smart guy that knows what it takes to run a Hardcore Guild- the Server itself however wasn’t a great choice. We were legendary and capable of so much more, so were you together with your squad of backstabbers - in the end you ruined your own potential, I never started Nucleus for myself. I started Nucleus because just like Taste I realised how bad Flamelash really was, I wanted to uplift the server and make a community for advanced players, push some logs. We always did that succesfully in our prime. I don’t think I failed the Guild, the guys above did. I always stayed loyal to the Guild Concept since day 1, broke my back for it. Missed out on level 60 content myself for it, not in your whole life are you going to find a Guild Leader to put more effort into running a Hardcore Guild. That is what you and these other boys wasted.

But I’m fine, because again I never did this for myself.
Nucleus was a guild with meaning, not a guild with namepride or fear of having someone ‘above me’.

Don’t wanna dwell too deep into it, but trust me when I say it’s people like you that killed the server in the end.

I know what Nucleus triggered in the Server, we brought competition alive and we gave people a reason to talk about something, wether again people hated us or not.

My whole goal with Nucleus was keeping Classic alive, hence why we offered a place for all.

Many were saddened, disgusted by me being forced to resign after the ‘insurrection’ and other toxic plebs doing what they couldn’t pass on.

But I’m da toxic 1? LMAO a guy breaking his back for other players 24/7 aiming to add a unique community for certain kind of players which the server lacked is toxic? I think the problem is that the Insurrection boyz aren’t able to understand the strong measures people in the position I took have to take sometimes.

Y’all nothing but ungrateful cucks brah, honestly.
Hope y’all still having a good time in Classic.
Merry Xmas bois.

Your big boy Heed/Kenza
Nucleus GM

Notorius indeed, you kept whispering me in several occasions to poach me into your “Notorious” In your guild, and other guilds, and even had the audacity to speak negatively about other guild masters.

A smart guy as you imply would have a different approach rather than constantly bombarding people in which you have already advertised via /whisper with your fancy “Nucleus Pro” preach.

No, as individuals we haven’t ruined our own potential, we are here for fun and enjoyment, and we like it how things are. Again, people don’t need to be reminded about how great your former guild was. in any case, your guild ruined itself.

Nucleus Pro probably did have a meaning and good intention, it’s only you that stained it with your filth.

Again, people like you is what ruins this beautiful game.

That tells me a lot about yourself, Merry Xmas to you too, and a happy new year.

Nah bruh, as a Leader I reached every goal I settled for in Nucleus until a majority gave in due to them being a bunch of petty teenager girls. In a hardcore innovation, one you sign up to- the question should not be wether you like everyone’s attitude, I for sure wouldn’t give AF in the TopGuilds I’ve been with in the past… or if there’s 1 or 2 Elitists around, TF you expect when you sign up for a Guild like that. Majority of leavers converted to be a ‘casual player’ after failing Trial etc and that’s fine, but don’t go about acting like the Guild failed what it stood for, it’s not the first Guild I managed after all.

If Nucleus was ‘toxic’, or Leadership was, you haven’t seen sh*t TBH.

My personal issue is that I probably do have a ‘BFA mentality’. I expected Classic to be 10 times more competitive as an overall (having High End repetitive Pserver EXP), I dropped the ball when I realised it simply ain’t. Too many beta males 'speccialy on that Server. In my honest belief Server Competition and competitive guilds in general are what keeps a majority of people playing & interested tho and with them being weeded out on Flamelash, no shet it’s now dead. Casual overdose.