With regards to Nucleus Pro (Horde guild)

Firstly, well done they were making a big deal out of this in trade in Org the other day saying they were camping Blackrock and destroying Alliance, they conveniently left the part in the video out though, I wonder why. If horde players from other guilds could roll ally characters on the server (i know we can’t play both factions on 1 acc) Nucelus Poo would never make it out of Orgrimmar.

Secondly, they are known as “Nucleus Poo” on the Horde side of Flamelash (it is not copyright so feel free to use it) and are probably the most hated guild on the horde side of the server, not because as their 12 year old innit wide boy GM “amirite (Dik)Heed” would say they are the best etc everyone is jealous but because of the following actual genuine reasons:

A high percentage of their players (not all members granted but definitely the management core and enough others to make it stick to the guild) are toxic individuals with huge entitlement issues and retail elitist mentalities. No one wants to run content with them, in fact the easiest thing for horde on the server to do is avoid anyone in that guild as they are known for being abusive to anyone not in their guild and are no1 on horde side for ninjaing loot, a usual trick they deploy is to put master looter on the last boss of an instance for example without any prior agreement or warning.

They say they are no1 horde guild/top horde guild on the server for raiding (for ninja looting absolutely the trophy is in the post to their GM) but a quick look at Warcraft classic logs will put the raid awesomeness bs straight to bed, they are not even close lol, and btw cheating the logs by posting under 4 different names, talk about trying hard. A small piece of advice, top guilds don’t have to keep telling other people how great they are …

Oh and they think its a brag to say they got server first bindings OH WOW talk about RNG guys what are u going to do with it? I hear 3 other horde guilds already finished Sulfuras, where’s yours? :smiley:

Let’s talk about their recruitment spam, deliberately whisper spamming members of other guilds trying to poach them, I mean come on talk about desperate and don’t even get me started on their forum recruitment, go take a look at all the little lackeys bumping up the post telling everyone how awesome they are if you want a good laugh!

They have no class or decency, no sense of community or right or wrong. Try /w a complaint about one of their members to an officer or the GM, all you will receive is more abuse.

Then we have the icing on the cake, just take a look at their guild leader and the language he uses in the forums, its laughable that they then expect people to take them seriously. As the saying goes “the fish rots from the head”.

They should take a good long hard look at themselves, there are a lot of actual decent horde raiding guilds on the server so there is some hope for Flamelash Horde side yet, Nucleus Poo however are the problem not the solution ezpz.


atleast they are good at keep both horde and alliance entertaind with a flameing target i suppose?

Nucleus Who?


Dont forget how they trashtalk Seven & Dread while trying to poach members, funny to read while watching them get wiped by Venture & bigdic & meh & whoever happens to run into them

Haha i love stuff like this, keep trying horde. Phase 2 is coming, lets make this exiting

Keep it coming you horde Poopers :smiley:

NuClownus :japanese_goblin:

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No Clearus Pro haha, literally always trying to Poach our members, theyre pathetic and when you /w them you instantly get Ignored, Nobody likes them, none of our guild will group with them.

Around 20 of their raiders all mass gquit yesterday in the middle of Orgrimmar. It was glorious. Only problem is you can now all expect even more desperate level 1 poaching recruitment spam. Latest BS nonsense they are spouting is “we secure world boss kills” LMAO they haven’t got any yet. Good luck to the former Noclues Poo raiders who quit on them yesterday, I hope you find or form a better guild.

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They finally realised. About time.

Fakers, pretenders, private server hero guild - It’s sad that I feel this way but I’m glad they disbanded. Mass toxic bundle on the server.

Thing is, while they were around, at least we knew where all the toxics were on the server and who to avoid. I hear the majority of them who left on Monday have created a new guild called Insurrection and the remaining members are forming another new guild with the main tank Tastemyskill leading it (not sure what that one is called yet). Let’s hope they learn from their past mistakes, leave the toxicity and bad behaviour behind and don’t just continue as per usual or it is just a rebranding scenario.

So just a rebranding of the Nucleus Poo guild into Phoenix. Thecrusader (Nucleus Poo leader) is in Phoenix now, so all seems like a PR exercise to ditch the toxic Nucleus Poo brand and start again.

You mean Tastemyskill

Thecrusader and Kenza/Heed is two completely different people. Thecrusader was just a raider in Nucleus. While Kenza/Heed was the GM of Nucleus, Kenza actually quit classic and is now playing retail. The split was infact due to Tastemyskill and Kenza being the most toxic leaders of all time, they were also the ones that was making all the claims about everything.


Thecrusader here. I was just a mere raider in the guild, which together with two others, formed our own with alot of the earlier core members from Nucleus Pro since we enjoyed the social aspect of the guild, but had a poor/toxic leadership!

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Imagine creating a character with that name.

How could you even think Kenza and Thecrusader are the same person? They don’t even remotely have similar personalities. Afaik, Kenza never made it to 60 and has now quit Classic. Thecrusader was probably the most vocal person in regards to Taste and Kenza’s behavior.

me and u fight every single day i swear