Wm on unbalances

Dear Blizzard. Some old code leftover from a different era, probably gives the warmode on recruitment buff to the faction that has the less numbers in a realm instead of in a warmode.

I have never ,in my wow lifetime, which is more or less the same as wow’s lifetime, seen, as horde, the enlistment buff. This problem made SL wm on unplayable due to the MASSIVE population difference. I was hoping it would be balanced in DF but alas.

I’m sure a quick look with dev tools will confirm what i’m saying but if anyone is not convinced, i invite you to any random trial of flood taken place at any moment in time and space in defiasbrotherood battlegroup. The balance, is, was and always will be throught future expansions too 30 alliance to 2 horde. (while they also get bonus honor with enlistment).

Something has to be done because it’s destroying yet another expansion.
Let’s try to give it the attention this requires

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