Wooly white rhino mount

Want to sell wooly white rhino mount [Wooly White Rhino] 2.8 million
fresh of the bmah ^^ or w me offers its on the ah on 1-1-2022 , how do i link in game items here? hehe

You bought the mount for 1,575,000 gold and want to resell with over 1,2 millions gold in profit?

why yes sir, when you look it up ,realm price is 4,4 million gold ,the other dude has one on ah for 3,3 million gold so i go 2.8m its a bargain
as for making a million well folks pop in from a different realm to buy this rare mount and they sell it again for another million profit i think.
its a kind of magic^^.
all from the undermine journal 89 mounts total across all reams

Goblins gonna goblin… I prefer receiving my mount directly from BMAH rather than supporting resellers.

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