Worgen DK, what's your opinion?

As the title says, I’ve been considering to roll a Worgen DK but I’m aware of this whole thing of “Worgen are supposed to be immune to undeath and the like”… I wanted to know if people actually RP Worgen DK’s or if they’re generally avoided ICly.

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Not immune; resistant, to undeath.

I have seen several splendid DK RP guides, but could not immediately find the one I sought, so I refer to these. They’re not perfect or infallible, but provide some good information, insight, and tips.

https: //www. mmo-champion. com/threads/2025487-Are-Worgen-DK-undead


https: //eu. forums. blizzard. com/en/wow/t/guide-for-writing-death-knight-rp/50673

I believe worgen are immune to the Plague of Undeath, but not to undeath entirely.

Before we learned of The Shadowlands, I am pretty sure the Lich King was the most powerful force of undeath in the Warcraft universe.

He was able to do what other necromancers could not; raise slain worgen into undeath as death knights.

So, to answer your query; I do RP my worgen death knight as exactly that. With some good background in lore sources, they are a nice - flavor difference - from other death knights :slightly_smiling_face:

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