Worgen intro questline roadblock

Due to a bug with vehicles taking unintended amounts of incoming damage that usually result in a one-shot even from npcs at level equal to that of the player character, there have been many difficulties with completing these kinds of quests. One of such quests is “Sacrifices” requiring you do round up 30 Worgen on horseback.

After you round them up them, the horse should jump across some barricades and deliver you to the next hub. What instead happens is the horse dies to the first group after only a couple of seconds.

There are some workarounds to how you could return to the horse to complete the round of 30 because you most likely won’t be able to get full credit on your very first ride, but then you have to do even more thinking on how to proceed to the next location where you turn in. I can’t say many veteran players would be able to figure this out let alone someone who is playing through for the first time.

I know how to report a bug but it’s been “some” time since we first informed you of this and it is still going on. The scope of the problem is greater than simply taking extra damage in a starting zone while driving around on a Chauffeured Chopper, which is unlike all other ground mounts available even before level 10.

I can think of countless other quests where a player controlled vehicle being destroyed in such a manner could lead to frustration but this one was far from worst because it didn’t even involve falling from the sky to your death.

Posting on the forums won’t alter anything though. The developers do not read the eu forums.

And since there are work-rounds, they won’t prioritize it at “zomgosh must be fixed by yesterday” level.