World of Peacecraft

Let me start by saying this;

As a Night Elf main and fan I am happy the of story Tyrande, and by extension of the Night Elves, was not finished before Shadowlands.

For some time I’ve had this unfunny feeling that we’re pulling further and further away from the actual War in Warcraft. Unless I’m mistaken the devs have said, or at least given me the strong impression, that we’re moving away from faction warfare - feel free to correct me. More so, I get the impression we are moving towards peace between the factions and races.

The loose ends surrounding Tyrande and her kin is the only “hat on a hook” that keeps us from leaving the classic concept and setting of this universe which I have followed since its first installment and grown to love. I even remember the day I got the first game.

From what I can tell, right now she’s the only one who’s adamantly against peace upon Azeroth - at least not until justice has been served.

I for one can’t imagine a Warcraft that’s * not * Orcs and Humans facing each other head to head.

I for one really don’t give a rat’s arooba about genocides and in this particular case having “personally” drawn the short end of a story-stick, if that’s what you want to call it.

I have see genocides daily in-game and have been part of some myself. There’s little stopping me from heading to Orgrimmar right now and making mince of every Orc I see and giving them their excuse for another Teldrassil.

Not many, I sincerely doubt even the current Blizzard team, knows this;

Tomorrow November 23rd marks the silver jubilee, the 25th anniversary, of Warcraft as a whole with the release of Warcraft 1 - a game begat by and ended in genocide, lorewise.

That’s War.

I do, however, care if justice is what’s to come. A world of Warcraft where the last hand has been shook and we’ve learned that “War bad, Peace good” and that’s it. My worst fear is such as scenario being the climax of Tyrande’s séjour into Ardenweald.

The burning of Teldrassil has probably been the single greatest plot in game to really pull a race together, I mean wow - just look at this forum.

I do however, again, feel as if there is only the linear pattern devs have chosen. That this is a pattern of hierarchies based mostly on PvE plots and mechanics, often disregarding of player reality and history. Where in the end everybody feels robbed from being at the top and the more “justice” being meted by chopping the head of the king of the hill the less depth there is.

What’s wrong with “just” Orcs and Humans facing off?

The latest NELF craze is a perfect example of it, but it goes further than that if you consider how every expension is a step up the ladder of bones of our last villain. What happens when we reach the top? I’m not sure I want to get there if the pattern I’m seeing is unmistaken, because I think that’d be the end of Warcraft.

Unless, of course, it means further War. In that sense I hope Tyrande starts some real shididelioh and we return to a WC3 style racewar. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if us Nelves go out like that.

For discussion;
What are your thoughts?
Are we moving towards a World of Peacecraft?
What do you think the War of a future Warcraft would (and should, or shouldn’t?) be?


Nah, not only is there any craft in the peace we might be getting, if it ever comes, they also totally forgot to make it about the world really, while they were at it.

Peoples dealing with their own problems, brought up by decades upon decades of devastating war. No, nobody will get justice, because they would be too busy trying to survive in their weakened states to adress the pressing issue that life and war aren’t fair. There can still be plenty of politics, scirmishing and assassinating one another, but not in great alliances and not in genocidal proportions, because the forces for that just aren’t there, and if they are, they are needed for defense. That’s what I would like. I don’t care about the “War” or the “Craft” part at all, just about the “World”.


That’s interesting and would certainly mean breaking the linearity.

I’m not too sure I would like minor banditry you’re hinting at, as in “your faction is now the exalted rep-crew” of your choosing, which is what I’m seeing with the covenants coming up.

“Minor banditry” wouldn’t be the big plot, no. But it would be what keeps the peoples of Azeroth from moving their few remaining troops out. If “minor banditry” includes all of the minor races, deserters, bandits, monsters and cultists we know and love. This also wouldn’t really be a new idea, since this is pretty much the situation we see in Classic.

If there would be a story driving plot at all, I would really like it focused around the player character and the threats from outside. I think “mundane” armies and mundane troubles are important to get right in world building. But the important thing in an RPG should always be the player character, and that usually gets lost in these great war stories. We can’t be the commanders of the armies, because if we were we could decide where the story goes. We can’t be more powerful than armies, because then the armies become insignificant. So just keep us and the armies out of each others way, and give us seperate ptoblems to deal with. The armies have problems with keeping all their land protected from an overwhelming number of threats, and we heroes help out and go for the big threats that are out of reach of the soldiers.

Nah, I don’t know if I see any use for factions at all. Just for peoples. I know Blizzard doesn’t want to do away with them… but I certainly do. With so many so different races on either side the idea that these are supposed to be stable alliances that survive any calamity is frankly ridiculous.

Actually I had my own ideas about that, see here:

I would like to use the covenant system as something that isn’t really focussed on the big armies, but to distinguish between the different kind of world-saving heroes we play.


Wait until you see that 8.1 was actually the only thing the night elves were going to get as confirmed by devs.

I mean the thing is she’s like the only reasonable person left. Time has proven again and again that the horde will never stop commiting atrocities and that a peace treaty doesn’t hold them back. Countless alliance members have died because of that, mostly innocents and yet Anduin & co. believe that THIS time it will be different.

What the player character does is not canon, though. If you go to a horde town and kill all the NPCs there it didn’t happen in the lore.

The problem with Teldrassil and the War of Thorns is that it has never and it will never be properly addressed. It was the Horde who did all of that, not Sylvanas. The same Horde that genocided the Draenei, bombed Theramore, bombed a neutral Night Elf school full of children etc…
It never made sense for any Alliance member, let alone the Night Elves to forgive and trust the horde after they did all of this and never made up for any of it or showed any remorse for it, yet they still do in 8.3.
Instead of still having tensions between the factions as it would be realistic especially for the Alliance, Blizz goes this path of forgiving and forgetting which absolutely doesn’t make sense.

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I personally understand that feeling because that’s exactly how I feel my preferred side of the story has ended.

And I do feel that upping the likes of Anduin to the most prominent roles in the story, will inevitably lead to those sort of endings where any friction gets written away by artificial or forceful means.

I can only speak from the point of view of one of the sides, but the way the current Horde leadership is heading to more moderate alternatives, while forcefully removing or changing dissenters, highlights the indicators that lead me to believe that World of Peacecraft under Anduin is some considerably plausible endgoal.

Regarding my personal thoughts, I think that the story should move to a point of racial independence, where Blizzard is forced to juggle with the mindsets and cultures of all races without furthering a few chosen in detriment of the others.
Where interests may clash from time to time, and where everyone has their own agenda and traits to be proud of.

And the conflict derived from it, being that to be expected from sovereign nations clashing against equals punctually.


Shadowlands and the next expansion no war. After that who knows? Considering how people criticised BfA story i think they will avoid war expansions permanetely.
They could try smaller conflicts like rogish Alliance fraction try to claim Lordaeron or rogish Horde try to claim Gilneas.

Ion clearly said that in Shadowlands, while we are under same banner, there is tension between factions and that factions are fundamentally different when he was asked about cross-faction and cross-faction talking.

That made me happy.

We both know, that world of warcraft is all about the “of”, which stands for “offended”.


I thought that was just the forums…

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Wait a second… Are you telling me that there is content in wow beyond :poop:posting on the forums?


Yeah, I thought this was the main game.

Grinding up your trust level, farming likes, engaging in poster vs poster and logging into the city styled lobby to customize your avatar every now and again.


What’s the expansion feature for this forum?


An increasingly ridiculous story, to stoke heated discussions about meaningless trivia and new customization options which will allow you to make your forum adversaries mad, by merely looking at your avatar, which will save you a lot of time that would otherwise have been wasted on writing an extensive post about our usual horrendous opinions.

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  1. The Jabjan Crusade (Against the Alliance)
  2. Wrath of the Salt King
  3. Jabjaclysm.
  4. Mists of Alliance Bias
  5. Warlord Jabjan
  6. Legion of Bias
  7. Battle for Bias

:heart: Erevien :heart:


Do not forget going ape-sh!t crazy over datamined information from future ingame patches, which are burnt as “old content” before even going live.

Erevien was truly the best feature in BfA, sad that I don’t get little Ereviens in my PMs if I kill players :frowning:


I wanna join the Jabjan Legion…

  • We are moving towards World of Peacecraft
  • Also the next expansion starts with the Scourge unleashed upon the world


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I think the OP means the peace with factions.