World of Warcraft®: Deep Dive Panel Recap

It looks fun and exciting new expansion and it feels new fresh game. Cant wait to try out! Keep it up! :point_left:

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Legit a solid deep-dive.

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so they making current systems better. ok.
but the big new system is only Delves. i hope they are good and not like the previous systems that all were pretty bad. because then there is nothing new to do. fingercross

i dont want to sound negative but for the 10th expansion and 20y of WoW its a small let down that we dont get something big new.

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Pack Leader

Can’t wait to find out more.
Sounds appropriately beast master-y. :grin:

Meaningful endgame progression whether you’re doing M+, raids, or open-world; if they stick the landing Delves will be the highlight of the new expansion.


Lots of awesome stuff! But I really hope the guild member limit is addressed now that everything is getting so alt friendly and with cross faction and soon to be cross server guilds 1000 members really isn’t that many not with 13 classes and tons of races to play now.

I did a post about this just now but worried it might get drowned so linking it here sorry if that’s not acceptable.

Honestly this looks amazing, however I’m a bit concerned that given how they’ve struggled to balance the 36 specs we have now, how are they going to balance the 72 specs we have with the hero talents included.

the accountbound bank is great. one of the best feature from Guild Wars 2.
imo they are adding a lot of GW2 features since Dragonflight.

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It’s just some more focus on certain themes/abilities. Not really new specs.

Heh called the acocunt wide bank and reagents tabs few days ago :0

nice to see this finaly hapening - shoudl be in game years ago :slight_smile:

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why did we pay for blizzcon if everything is free on the internet a few mins after it showed already? at least wait 2 days for this lol.

someone in usa should sue you (because in EU we cant sue our overlord american companies)

I think Warbands are a great way to introduce a new feature: world content (like Delves) together with your own alts.
Just imagine, choose a couple of your alts to replace NPCs in certain scenarios.
They can tank or heal you a bit, nothing fancy or OP, just a fun way of ‘playing’ multiple chars rather than have random models help you.

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Yeah but the NPC that will group with you is seasonally themed and come with their own personal upgrades. So I don’t think they are gonna replace them.

that would be awesome.

You paid?

Are you at Blizzcon?

There’s all sorts of different things happening there, you know.
None of it interests me and it’s far too many people packed into a small space, so I’d never even consider attending. But… There’s more to do than just announcements.

watching some streamers its ok. it not that full. the halls are huge

Too many for my taste. I don’t like crowds.
At least… Being part of a crowd.
Being on stage in front of a crowd is cool though. :grin:

Ion chose an excellent shirt :joy:

what sword ´.´?

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