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Hello, so if this has already been posted somewhere or if this isn’t the right place to post, I do apologise.

But to the crux of this post, Guild member limits being capped at 1000. Once upon a time I’m sure this was plenty, back when players had less alts, fewer classes to choose from and cross faction (not to mention soon to be cross realm) guilds were a thing.

But here we are in Dragonflight with the new expansion on the way and times are very different where most players have multiple characters they play and it being very normal for players to have several active alts that they play, something blizzard have noticed more and more making things alt friendlier and soon to be giving us Warbands making alts even more desirable. And then we add in cross faction guilds bringing even more possibilities for players to have alts and soon to be cross server/region guilds adding to this.

While all these things are awesome great changes it leaves us with a bit of a problem, guilds are still capped at 1000 members, while this won’t affect all guilds I’m sure there are others like my own guild where we have to go through and ‘purge’ off liners and low level characters. Which isn’t the end of the world but also not ideal.

So I’m left wondering if this is something that blizzard will address for those bigger guilds out that that are already bursting at the seems?

I really hope it is something that can be worked on as speaking from personal experience of having a guild for over 13 years now and having made many awesome and lovely friends along the way having to remove people for being offline or low level sucks and saddens me that people who might have been offline for a while and return to the game don’t have their guild home to return too, or the alternative being capped and not allowing new people to join the community, or limiting alts that people frequently play also sucks.


It’s a good question considering they will go region wide.

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I realised I typo’ed there with saying cross faction twice when I ment to add about fross realm / region.

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