World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition


This will be the first collectors edition for WoW I don’t have, as it seems to be sold out everywhere less than 1 day after being made available. Hope more become available.


Get it on amazon uk that were i found my copy mate!


Somebody knows how get this deathwing mount ?

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it’s unrelated to the collector’s edition. in-game event.


Currently unavailable.


Please, Blizzard, make more of these, i can’t even dig anything up that ships to Denmark, everything else is sold out…

I was gonna buy it from the US store last night after i found out it was sold out on the EU store, but having to pay 99$ for the box, and then 102$ just to ship it to Denmark… omg… in hindsight i should’ve done it but meh…


those “certain retailers” are already sold out as most of amazons in eu are sold out.

we need clarification from blizzard if they will restock both blizzard store and amazon .

the demand is clearly crazy high.

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Right, this is ridiculous. It feels like they’ve only stocked up on a few hundred of them with thousands of players asking for it.

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Don’t. The in-game mounts are region-specific. If you buy the CE on US then you can’t use the mounts on EU.


Thanks for that information, however, not getting the mounts is okay for me. I’d rather get the box and the statue… Considering the mounts are also added to the store up for seperate purchases, i could always just get them there should i wish

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There’s a ‘work-around’, sure. But you deserve to get what you pay for.

They’re a multi-billion dollar company, remember?


well in this case people cannot even pay for it .

kinda stupid considering those were supposed to be pre-orders -_-

i mean what chinese factory run out of people to make them in next 6 months before they will be released ? like be real.

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There honestly shouldn’t be a limit.


Now out of stock on amazon UK. Game (online) didn’t even have it listed yesterday but today it’s listed and out of stock.

Not even sure where else to look - Blizz need to fix this, it’s a complete mess.


mate it was out of stock on most of EU’s amazons hours ago. it sold out in the morning.


It is starting to pop up on different stores in Sweden at least.

Have pre-ordered it for the same price as on the gear store.

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Makes you wonder where these stores get their inventory when Blizzard themselves claims to be sold out.


pre existent agreements with blizzard ?

maybe its connected - those stores get free advertisment with thousand of people checking them all if CE is there

either way good luck trying :slight_smile: aparently it appeared on amazon us and was sold out 10minutes later :slight_smile:

scalpers are having harvest now :slight_smile: all of merch lands on ebay with +/- 400 $ prices :slight_smile:

fast 300 $ profit for them. ofc people will buy out anything that appears. even on other continent as with shipping price they still make 200$ as there is no info from blizzard what their plans are so they pray on FOMO

blizzard really fu.cked up really badly with this.


Dude, I have played ur games since many years, have bought collector’s editions since starcraft I n warcraft 3, I happen to hear about this news out of the blue half a year prior to anniversary n it’s all sold out almost immediately, this is not how you treat loyal customers!


Hey all,

A couple of updates, as I know many of you are eager to get your hands on this Collector’s Edition.

The EU Gear Store has SOLD OUT of the 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

Some retailers across Europe still have boxes available for pre-order:

List last updated 13th June 2019 11:20 CEST