World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition


We’ll also have more details to share about the in-game anniversary event, including how to get the sweet rewards, soon™!

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That statue looks pretty sick :o


It already says sold out, will there be another opportunity to buy this??

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15 years is crazy!


I go to the store and i get 404 not found error -_-

can you NOT.


For real!? Already out of stock?


Playing wow since day 1 in eu liked the idea of the ragnaros statue
Because i have the 10 anniversary orc one.
And its sold out within 1 hour?
How many did you make 10?


I really hope you fix this asap and it will be available until October of this year to pre/purchase


Certain video game retailers across Europe have already opened pre-purchases, while others will follow in the coming days. Be sure to check availability with your local video game store.

Anniversary Edition

going to need links please, none of the major uk ones currently even list it :frowning:


It’s on Amazon for £89.99 with free (so cheaper in fact, as woulda cost me £95 ish with shipping from blizzstore EU).

I was very disappointed to see it sell out so damn fast, especially as this is a preorder!
But, I’ve got mine from amazon now, so I’m happy again (and holy merlin’s beard, that is one epic statue!!!)


Any chance that stock will replenish in the Blizzard Gear store eventually, or is this Collector’s Edition limited in stock all around?


Going to look really good next to my Illidan one and later this year the jaina one :smiley:


Revisit: It sold out on Blizzard’s gear store but Amazon UK had it, which is where I placed my pre-order.

Now all that’s left is hope that Blizzard manufactures enough of them to meet all them orders. :blush:


Amazon money Is pending on my card which usually means they are taking the money. But They have always taken the money once it’s shipped

Not sure why this one would be any different. Not happy if this is the case as it has never worked like this before.

Am in UK if that makes a difference


Nothing yet at my usual supplier of WoW Collectors editions… I really do hope they show up.

This out of stock business within a few hours is just nuts.


can we get updates about this? -__- jeeeeeeeeeez.


When I checked the EU store yesterday, I was about purchase the collector’s edition, but ended up not when I was left unable to couldn’t find a small and quite unknown country called Norway, on the country list where I was supposed to write my home address.

Apparently Norway isn’t part of Europe, even with the European Economic Area, I guess it’s not good enough for the EU store. I guess this is the moment when I hit up some of my Swedish relatives and hope they are willing to accept and re-ship a parcel for me… given it comes back in stock of course! :sweat_smile:

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I bought mine without knowing that there’s an EU and US Blizzard store (Thanks for pointing that out during the buying process, Blizzard (not).) – Bought mine on US only to figure out later that I won’t be able to use the in-game mounts on EU.

Now I’ll probably have to cancel my order on the US website (Despite them shipping to EU) and somehow find a European retailer that stocks it (Haven’t been able to find one so far, and Amazon doesn’t have it listed either).

I am beyond pissed off.