World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Deep Dive

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Deep Dive

Join WoW Classic lead producer Holly Longdale, production director Patrick Dawson, and lead software engineer Brian Birmingham for a deeper look into the Burning Crusade Classic in this BlizzConline panel.

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is pve to pvp servers transfer open ?

Damn, S1 coming at T5 and S2 coming at T6 is a HUGE good news. Arena gear completely wrecked PvE progression in BC and were one massive design flaw, it’s still too bad that they didn’t add rating on it, but at least the weapons we’ll drop in PvE will get use for PvE.

My knee-jerk reaction is the complete opposite of this. PvE gear is going to be too big a factor, and S1 is going to be dominated by people having been fed full T5 gear before we get even the first piece of arena gear.

PvE progression was “wrecked” because people took forever to kill stuff in tbc, just like classic. We’ve been farming every single classic raid since day 1, and that’s absolutely going to continue into TBC, so I don’t know what PvE progression you’re talking of when you say it would have been destroyed by S1 releasing alongside T4.

It’s a dumb decision to release s1 with T5.


So alliance paladin get the optimal (other are perfectly viable, just not the best) seal. That’s fine.
Are horde Priest going to get the Fear Ward skill ?
Because I’ve had enough of putting 2 sham in the main tank group just to see the tank running toward the raid anyway, because the fear totem just sux.

Will aoe-cap be there on release?
Will dungeon cap be removed for launch?


Spell batching gone.
Flexible options for playing the expansion, or sticking with Classic.
Even the ability to copy my character and have the best of both worlds, albeit for a fee.
No nerfed content.
Pre-patch let’s me create my new Draenei Mage early, and avoid the crush.

You bet I’m happy!

Admittedly I hate the ‘pay to win’ feature. Boosting to level 58 for cash has no place in Classic, neither does catering for lazy fools who want instant gratification, and can’t be bothered to put any effort in for their rewards - that nonsense belongs in retail!

But that’s the only thing I dislike about the info revealed in the deep dive. Other than that I’m super-happy about everything.


This has been one of the more disapointing news about classic TBC i’ve read so far.

No arena in t4, but season1 will be in tier 5? So we will be season 1 geared while having rogues with kael’thas mace killing clothies in a stun because they have access to weapons with as much dmg as season 3 weapons.

I’m curious what lead to this being your decision on how to handle the different pvp seasons in tbc


Yes, every priest regardless of race gets fear ward in tbc.

Not until WotlK

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All priests get fear ward in TBC.

lol, nothing. they just used the dart board. Those 15 mins of cringy forced nerd intro? completely scripted. there’s absolutely no experience they remember that they could draw conclusions and decisions from.

You think you do and we did!

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So they just lied about their experiences in the past, and never played TBC?

If you look at the profiles of all three members of the Deep Dive team I think you’lll discover that you are completely wrong on every level.

It’s, in fact, horrible news for the different arena season which will just be dominated by PvE geared players. We can already deduce this from the TBC private server scene and they should just mimic their standard content release schedule.

Also, LOL @ relating TBC with actual PvE progression. If Vanilla Classic has shown us anything, it’s that there will be very little progression. Loads of guilds will have raids on farm within 2-4 weeks of it being released. Even Naxx was just a slight speedbump for the majority of the biggest dad guilds.

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Well then why do you care that PvE gear will be in arena ? Just grab it if it’s so easy. Lack of gear progression is not a problem in PvP after all.

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Because I heavily dislike doing scripted PvE content, has that ever crossed your mind? Also, I didn’t even once say that the lack of gear progression isn’t a problem in PvP? The current gear progression (as projected) is, in fact, a very big problem for PvP and arena.

Please come back when you’ve practiced your reading comprehension and actually have solid arguments instead of nonsensical rambling. Because this comment is making absolutely 0 sense.

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And I despise PvP, and I like progression. So I don’t want to see PvP gear wrecking my content. See how it works from the other side ?

Well, it’s not worse than your silly “l0L there is speedrunner who practiced for years and have twice their intended power due to stacking WB and consummable who can fast clear old raids, that means there is no progression !”.

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reading my comments is usually a comprehenison skill check. it’s ok, you can try again.

Phase 1: Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair,Magtheridon’s Lair, and Arena Season 1
Phase 2: Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, and Arena Season 2
Phase 3: Hyjal, Black Temple, and Arena Season 3
Phase 4 : Zul’Aman
Phase 5: The Sunwell and Arena Season 4