World of Warcraft Item Restoration

do Item Restoration not work in classic TBC i got no items on the list

There are only certain things within a certain time that can be restored, it also depends on if it was disenchanted or not.

Hey Zyidoc!

We currently do have an issue where some disenchanted items from Classic TBC are not showing correctly in the Item Restore website. If you need any items restored please raise a ticket, identify the missing items by name, and ensure you have what you received from disenchanting the item(s) in your bags so we can reclaim it. Usually those are Large Prismatic Shards or Void Crystals. We will not be able to recover disenchanted items without reclaiming those gains. If the items were sold to a vendor, they’ll be sent back with their vendor value as COD.

Please note we can’t guarantee a restoration - depending on the time elapsed since you disenchanted, sold or destroyed the items, they may no longer exist in our logs. We only keep item recovery logs for a few weeks at most.