World of Warcraft key binds vs Genshin Impact simplicity


I just returned to WoW for the 9.2 patch, after a long break.

The past year I was playing Genshin Impact: a game with roughly 50.000.000 daily players.

I’m having HUGE difficulties adapting to my 40+ key binds in WoW after playing for one year with only 2 key binds in Genshin.

I’m quite sure World of Warcraft would have more players if the game would be made more friendly.

Genshin Impact is also playable on console. World of Warcraft I guess will also be a console title for Microsoft.

At this point I can only hope that the controls will be improved in WoW.

Right now the game is only good for the hardcore gamers and actually the WoW veterans.

I didn’t see a new WoW player in ages.

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