World Of Warcraft Lich King Character Transfer (Ashbringer unplayable)

Lich King Prepatch is released now. Some low populated servers, like Ashbringer are impossible to play on at this moment.

Auction house collapsed, finding dungeon groups is impossible, the world feels dead and empty, even at the pre-patch, the main cities are lifeless and empty, the world is empty, everything is empty. Even finding an raid group is impossible at this point. For the monthly subscription people may expect some service to enjoy the game. Sometimes it is like I am in a Single Player game. In my book, I think that Blizzard should ensure that they game is enjoyable and playable for the monthly fee, and this is quite true to WoW classic, as in retail at least there are layers and other means to find groups, but here, your last resort are the players on the server. And if it is super low populated and if the world is empty, the WORLD of Warcraft experience just becomes Warcraft Alone. Please help the players out and provide them the same experience which more lucky people got for free by being on a server that remained medium or high.

Could you guys please fix free transfers from the last low populated servers EU like Ashbringer to high populated servers so that we can actually start enjoy playing the game again?

Forcing people to pay 25 euro for each character while paying the monthly subscription is just making people sad and causing them to stop playing.


I have the same feeling, still waiting for a free transfer, but rather it will be merge of low pop servers. Question is when :c

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