World of Warcraft on Consoles - Exciting Potential and Challenges

Hello Everyone!

I’ve opened this thread to spark a lively discussion about the prospect of playing World of Warcraft on consoles, particularly on Xbox. Among my friends, there’s a buzz of excitement about this idea. They dream of having a “one-box” solution for all their gaming needs, similar to how Final Fantasy is playable with a gamepad and keyboard on consoles.

My own experiences with Final Fantasy on PlayStation using a keyboard were super comfy. Playing TESO with a gamepad showed me that a different combat system can still be a blast. Just imagine WoW in this setup!

Imagine a world where you can jump into WoW and other titles on one console, always updated and ready to roll. And think about the cherry on top: integration with Xbox Pass!

Gameplay Specifics with a Gamepad:

  • Demon Hunter (Both Specs): Perfect for gamepad play! No need to target allies and the AOE skills feel just right on a console. Plus, their mobility makes up for any gamepad reaction time issues.
  • Evoker (Damage Spec): Almost perfect, although some targeted support skills might need tweaking. Their main combat mechanics and attack skills are a dream on a gamepad (hold and vibrate!).
  • Death Knight (Frost): Few skills, no ally targeting, strong self-saves - it’s a good fit. Mobility’s a bit of a downside.
  • Rogue (All Specs): Gamepad-friendly skills, fantastic mobility, and the ability to sneak around adds to the fun. Only one critical skill targets allies.
  • Warrior: Shares similar perks and challenges with the Rogue.

Adaptation Challenges:

  • Targeting at a distance and quick player selection can be tricky.
  • Healing with a gamepad? That’s a tough nut to crack.

My Suggestions:

  1. More non-target mechanics or a smart assistant for target selection would be cool.
  2. Add-ons to simplify action choices? Why not!
  3. Rethinking healing for console, maybe full AI control for target selection.
  4. Balancing cross-play to keep the playing field even for all.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas on this exciting possibility!


meh, microsoft owns this game now so i can see this being on some form of console controller device.

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I got an xbox because I figured if it ever came to console it would be that one. I am a bit useless with a controller having preferred PC all my life and the thumb pain is real but ESO did it pretty well.

I don’t see how you could do the same with WoW when it has so many buttons! A keyboard as well as a controller? Not sure how that works, obviously it does but at that point I’d rather have a keyboard and mouse bluetoothed to the xbox or something and play WoW on my TV. Oh that would be so awesome… (this is where people tell me I can and I am ignorant af)

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Oh, yeah! That would be awesome, grabbing a small table that can fit over your legs for the keyboard. I bet there are plenty of solutions for that setup.

About the keyboard, well, Final Fantasy is kind of like a WoW clone, but it works with a mouse and keyboard on PlayStation.

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They can make the Xbox use keyboard and mouse too, this is already possible with some Xbox games already.


Oo. I will have to look that up for ESO! I am just so useless with a controller :sob:

Edit: Nap they don’t use it. Boo!
I’m seeing that an addon for a WoW console port has become incredibly popular.
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