World of Warcraft Patch



And so frustrating we have to explain this every single time. In a company, everyone has a different job and different skills. Community managers do not make games.


Even your own creator makes a meme out of you buddy :stuck_out_tongue:

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They’re part of the Blizzard “family”, no? They can take it. They can “communicate” this to their higher ups, no?

Just you wait until kill shot becomes available to use so i can finally crit you for more than 2.5k. Then we’ll see who’s laughing…

(Still you, i know)

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Anybody knows if the character info panel having the same aspect as in classic is part of april’s fool?

Nice one! Awesome lunch material!

It might be April fools… but with the current content drought… it’s not the time to be making jokes teasing us with content.

This is just making jokes, this is not content :wink: Happy April Fools

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Re-read my post. I am well aware this is an April fools joke.

I always enjoy reading these. But part of me wish that it this would be an actual scenario/dungeon in game someday just to take this to the next level :smiley:

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RIP Tony.

Pretty sure this is from the real patch notes, not the April Fool’s ones.

Table for one, Mr. Stank. By the bathroom.

You forgot to add:


  • New shapeshift form appearances added.

“Uhm Boss, community is kinda really not happy with all the delays and stuff”

Trust me, they know by now.

All of those should be little bit more real, it’s going a bit out of imagination.

Stop making jokes, when your entire game is a joke ಠ_ಠ

Among Us…? Dear God…

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Heres a Aprils Fools for you:

This is the BEST EXPANSION EVER!!! THANK YOU ACTIVISION!!! Ill keep my subcriptions up!

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