World PVP - horde side


Can someone please enlighten me as to what’s going on with world PVP on this realm?

Does horde suck here or something?

I mean alliance is basically doing whatever they want in Zereth Morris.

They are always out here world pvping and killing me (I am super undergeared) but I don’t see horde doing that ever?

I mean I am happy about world pvp but it’s not fun when there is basically nobody to fight back with.

Not only I have to do boring daily quests to get my 2nd legendary, I also have to deal with fully geared alliance pvping me :smiley:

Most players stay with WM off these days. Pacifists :blossom: :lotus:

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I’m ashamed to admit that I had to turn my WM off for the first time since it came out. There was no way to do anything in ZM without getting rolled over by farming ally.

I’m not even mad at that.

I’m just mad horde not doing the same. We should be having epic battles…

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Warmode still exists, but it’s quite small deal tbh. It’s cross-server, not server-based, so you should be able to find some Horde players out there looking for a battle as well. Stormrage is right tho, majority of the players playing WM off - and if they look for PVP, they just turn on PVP manually without activating WM to have more players around.

It’s dead, Jim.

Problem is warmode, remove that, pvp should be always on.

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