World PvP in Shadowlands

Hello friends and enemies!

Shadowlands has been amazing so far, been slaughtering alliance and having a blast.

How do you like it?

I havent heard from anyone saying its bad.
We cya on the battlefield, remember to smile. YOU deserve it.

Best Regards

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Ah yes Kebab

Hey cowman

That’s a cool story

all the best

Well well look what we have here a lone Tauren against the might of the Alliance empire!

Shadowlands is fun if you got the time i think theres to much to do and no clear objective. You cant do everything aswell as have a life i fine.

Hail fine cow,

Slaying the alliance rats is a lot of fun in shadowlands.
Zylos hand has already slain an insane amount of rats.
I hope to see you in game fine cow.


I will join you in battle, oh great talking cow, should I too be in the moo(d).

Greetings friend.

It warms my heart to see you slay the alliance still.

Even more so to see you finally accepted tauren as the master race.

Ahh, th’ mighty tauren…Tis what ye get when yer mother’s a buck-toothed ogre while yer father a cross-eyed trogg!

Anyone knows of a pvp / wpvp guild ALLY side on this server?
I’d rather not transfer to find a guild for an “alt”

Just set war mode on and go into the Maw, there’s always dozens of those.

That’s nice dear.