World pvp realm


What servers would you guys recommend to someone looking for a good balance in terms of world pvp?
My server has very little warmode action but it’s something I really enjoy doing.

I’d say Ravencrest is considered to be the European PvP server. However if you want it more challenging, go Silvermoon where Alliance is dominant population wise.

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Many servers are connected, so it’s more about “which servers to pick”.

The only recommendation I have, is to NOT go with a RP realm, since they are heavily Alliance dominated. Which is unfortunate since I love RP server’s because of the increased immersion players add to them. :confused::man_shrugging:

You’ll quickly discover that most realms are very one sided when it comes to faction population, which is bad since it makes for unbalanced WPvP. Especially Alliance are overpopulated most of the time.

My recommendation is to find a site online that tells you the server faction balance on all the European servers, and pick from there. Then make trial characters to check out if there are players WPvPing in Dragonflight. :slightly_smiling_face: I personally play on Kazzak now after doing that, which seems to have a 65/35 ratio of Alliance and Horde doing WPvP, which I count as being “good”, since Balance is hard to find.

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