Worried if I buy Shadowlands won't run on my Intel graphics card

While playing BfA I’ve had permanent ! message saying my graphics card not ideal. Yet I can play BFA satisfactorily without too many issues, only sometimes reducing graphics settings sometimes. Okay with me if on Shadowlands I have to reduce settings, or things slow sometimes, as long as I can at least play. I’m just worried if I buy Shadowlands it won’t run at all. I have Intel HD graphics (don’t know what series). Checking it seems my driver version is microsoft support driver & no way of updating it further via Intel. My i5 processor, 8gb ram fine…just worried Shadowlands will demand graphics beyond what I have & simply can’t play it (can’t really afford to upgrade graphics card). Anyone know if Shadowlands will at least run for me, even if slow and needing reduced settings?

You can check the pre-patch, or PTR. If that runs, so will Shadowlands.

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Ah…I’m updating the pre patch right now (this new patch is what you mean right?). So after that whatever happens playwise is what I can expect with Shadowlands?


Pretty much, yes. They did say they want to make Shadowlands run on older GPUs, so if it doesn’t run yet, it still might in Shadowlands. But chances are, it won’t get worse, only better.

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Thanks muchly!

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