Worst pally set won

Really guys voting for the robe?

Yeah and im happy about it.

All 3 were bad in my opinion. I think S2 won because it was maybe the most “plate-like” and had some elements that worked for it. Though im just looking forward to next expac. Maybe we can start getting some decent Pally sets again, not really had any since Legion (or the warfront set in BfA)

plate like is s3 xD not a robe.

Maybe.My issue with S3 set was the slightly annoying shoulders (didnt like the blades) and the fact the entire set felt a little… “Cartoon-y” I dont really know how else to put it. S2 would be perfect if it had a leg choice and not just the robe.

But either way. All 3 werent very good and after seeing the Priest S2 set. We got royally screwed this expac

The S3 shoulders look pretty good with the Judgement set. Just wish the blades were slightly shorter.

I dunno what went on with the votes, not just on Pally but on Mage (Fire especially), like, folks can’t read or just want to grief??? LOL

Heretic behavior, you should be ashamed but there is no honor left.

All DF pally Sets look really ugly, so it doesn’t matter whichone won.
Season 2 was to big at shoulders and chest - Looks cringe on bloodelfs

I even don’t like the look from the newer chests.

Hope next addon has better styles for us.

Voted season 1 what did you vote?

Season 1 easily the best of the three

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You think s3 set looks better? What? :sweat_smile:

None of them look mind blowing this expansion for Paladin. Shame really.

Season 1 is a shaman set
Season 3 has the goofy shoulder wingswords (there have been a lot of shoulder models that have been ruined by needless additions like this set)

season 2 simply wins by being the least weird

Will it be an exact copy or a remake?

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