Worth coming back?

I know this is rather an ambiguous question but lets run with it.

I havent played for a few years now, and was looking to come back to wow for the new expansion after hearing theyve “overhauled” the game, to change it from the same old grind/forget about old content mantra theyve had for years.

Is the new expansion still the same old same old, or has wow gotten better overall now?

Is it worth paying the price for the new expansion considering you can get full base games for the same price?

No, most classes play the same, the new content is a bit generic and even worse writing, the new class isn’t that fun and it shouldn’t have had wings. The music is way below par this time round as well. I regret buying the expansion

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It is deff worth the price.

For the same money you get for example God of War: ragnarok. That is a very solid AAA game, but only holds 20 ish hrs off gameplay.

WoW as it’s an RPG, hold ATLEAST 100+ hrs off gameplay before you have seen everything. If you call God of War worth it’s money, DF surely is aswell.

Is it worth coming back?
That is a question only you can reply too…
I would say yes, if you are wondering if you should come back, you are already invested enough to be trying it right now!

Also, don’t listen to the overly negative nancy’s on this forum. They are everywhere but are extremely burned out off the game, I don’t even know why they’re still playing if they dislike everything about the game…

I don’t think the game changed that drastically as you think it did.

  • The proffesions changed, but who cares about that, it’s a month’s worth off content maybe.
  • The talent tree and dragonriding is cool, but a minor feature.
  • The “don’t forget old content” thing is very minor, as it only holds 4 M+ dungeons per season.
  • The “less grind” mantra they are using right now is the same as every xpack launch, it starts casual and then it gradually becomes more and more grindy as ppl get through content too fast.
  • The gameplay is still the same as it always has been (nothing wrong with it)

All in all i’d say this xpack has a good chance to not be bad. I won’t say it’ll be great because that’s wishfull thinking.
I do however believe with implentation off the current systems the next xpack could be very good.

Its better. Yes, but that is opinonated ive been loving the new expsnsion so far.

How do any of us know?

In my view, if you ever got WoW into your system at all, it’s always worth seeing the first month or two of an expansion for the newness and the enthusiasm. It’s always worth seeing the last month or two to whiz through the content if you took a break.

It’s the year-and-a-half in the middle that may or may not be worth it to you.


Which, actually, is not a terrible thing. I’m not a fan of wrenching changes. And the talent trees look like a good development.


What we’ve seen of it. I think they got the landscapes off the covers of a couple of a couple of jigsaw boxes, and the art style is Modern Cardboard, far from the loving care with which the older zones were developed. All the pixels are there - and more! - they have dumped cartloards of pixels into the game, but without heart.


Maybe. I haven’t seen enough of it yet to be sure. As Jito explained brilliantly, Blizzard have removed dragons, and dragon nature, and replaced them with, effectively, humans who can turn into dragons - were-dragons.

Apart from that, I have an amazingly low opinion of Danuser from what I’ve seen so far. Dragonflight showed bad pacing fit, and the bald use of some reliable tropes, but without personalising them. And its endgame story was a complete mess. OTOH, I have so far seen only the early quests and the start of the rivalry between Wrathion and Sebellian, and that low-level stuff all seems pretty standard levelling fare.


I don’t like it, but some people seem to. :woman_shrugging:

The music was WAAAAAY below par in Shadowlands already. Blizzard fired their longtime music guy, and it shows. Whoever selected the music for Shadowlands - certainly late Shadowlands like Korthia and Zereth Mortis - and Dragonflight definitely went to Music Skool, but obviously has a lifelong fear of melody (maybe he was bitten by a melody as a child?) and spent his youth riding up and down in an elevator in a building where they were too cheap to pay for a copyright broadcast license, I don’t think he knows anything about WoW either - maybe just looked at the jigsaw puzzle box covers and went from there. The sub-zone music changes are … they just don’t work.

Really, WoW used to have the best music anywhere. I LOVED it. Still love the old zones because of it. It’s sad to realise how far it has fallen. :cry:

Good point.

Agreed. They seem to be making a marketing point of it, and maybe it’s a philosophy that will affect the game over the next two or three expansions, but it’s not very relevant now.


I think you may be right. There’s only one way to stretch content. In Legion, they famously set themselves to give new content every 11 weeks, and that carried the expansion a very long way. But they’re not saying they’re going to commit to that, so expect the Return of the Grind.

Yup. Which is a Good Thing. WoW lives on its gameplay, and they havn’t screwed that up.

For myself, I’ve been enjoying levelling very casually so far. I know things will change in a few weeks, so I’m going to enjoy it while I’ve got it. I just wish the art and music was up to the traditional WoW standards.


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