Worth it to return so late?

Hi, I am wondering if it’s worth it to return so late into an expansion? Will I be able to catch up? I’d be starting with a level 1 character on a new server.

I have not done any endgame stuff with any character.

Is it worth it? That depends. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to spend your time?

You played until … April? So you’ve been gone 6-7 months? before 9.1? And you … just dinged 60 before unsubbing?

If you’re not into raiding or M+. the release of the second raid doesn’t really matter to you.

So what have you missed? Flying, and the new dailies zone Korthia.

Levelling is very fast, so that’s ok. The expansion world content at 60 is not really a barrel of fun; absolutely nobody is praising it.

Catch-up at level 60 is fine. You will ding with item level 130 or so, and very quickly work your way up to 200-ish. Progress above that is slow unless you do M+ or buy boosts, but if you’;re not raiding, 200 will make the world content pretty easy.

There is what feels like a HUGE amount of annoying “paperwork” to do after you ding, to check all the boxes that the story people insist you do to appreciate their brilliance, but that will all be over in a few days - a week at most.

You need to get a bunch of Renown, but they rain it from the sky on you this patch, so you’ll be all caught up after a couple of weeks.

So if you’re not raiding, pushing M+, or doing Arena, catch-up isn’t really a problem.

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Catch up mechanisms are far better now.

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