Worth starting/resuming progress?

Hey Zandalar Tribe,
Back when classic came out I managed to level to twenty’ish but had to take a long break - is it worth coming back to Zandalar tribe or should I start somewhere new?

Are there the following things on the server?:

  1. World PvP
  2. RP
  3. Faction balance
  4. PvE still being relevant?
  5. Drama :smiley:


Depends on how important is 2 and 3 for you. If not so much then welcome back.

I see you are alliance. Then just welcome back.

Would I be able to quest without hours of being ganked? Not that I mind some, but I’d actually like to level up too :smiley:

Leveling might be hard, ZT is overpopulated and people are pretty much aggressive.

There is roleplay, at the very least. As for levelling, you’ll always find a way.

It’s fine for the most part, just stay out of the way of retaliating horde that spent an hour corpse walking to BRM, they will take any chance to clap some cheeks too (This counts for alliance too). RP outside events is pretty much non existant (From my experience) and people still have stupid names (Horde side at least). This is a really toxic server when it comes to pvp so if you want RP I would go to like, hydraxian waterlords.

  1. Alliance dominated, horde try to form gank squads but due to the alliance numerical advantage these rarely last longer than the flight path time from the nearest alliance hub
  2. The RP prefix is mostly a curious decoration at this time, you’d do your self a favour by pretending it didn’t exist and just be pleasantly surprised if you stumble into some RP once in a while. OOC is too rampant to be ignored unless you turn off chat and player names entirely.
  3. Nobody knows for sure, but horde are quitting en mass which has an unfortunate snowball effect.
  4. Why woudn’t it be? though instances / raids can be quite tough to reach at the moment.
  5. I’m sure alliance has plenty of it as always

If you are about to roll here, go Horde, we definitely need more players! We have nice and friendly people, dungeon runs are active as well as giving fight to alliance.

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If you care about RP, you might want to consider rolling Horde. There’s interesting concepts (events, characters, guilds) flying around Hordeside, if you don’t mind going out of your way looking for them.

There’s Orcish Poetry appreciation night events, pure unadulterated intrigue and IC drama between guilds (with OOC and IC being separate), amazingly immersive every-man characters and many other features that I feel have gone missing from retail-style RP.

I have no clue at all what alliance RP on this server looks like, at all.

Sure, you’re going to have to put up with some super-toxic griefer Alliance guilds playing as Horde. However, you are probably going to be better off playing against those guilds on occasion, than having to put up sharing the same space with them constantly.

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