[WoTLK Classic] Easiest DK spec for a beginner?

Hello everyone. My main and alt for WoTLK are already chosen, most of the things done, and there are not a lot of stuff to do right now. I’ve never played a DK in any of the expansions, and I thought this is the best time to try it. The problem is that I have no idea how to play it, never played it in any of the expansions. Any DK mains that can help me with some basics about DKs and what is the easiest spec to learn? I was looking at guides on youtube and wowhead, to me it seemed that Unholy is the hardest spec whereas Blood looked easier, ideal for beginners based on the rotation provided.

How should I start?

Depending how it goes I may bring it to alt or split runs if everything goes well and I know if I don’t try now I will regret it.

Thank you for your time.


Hey !
frost is the easiest for raiding and dungeons ofc
blood is mainly focus on tank and if you want to play it as dps then it will be so hard to play
unholy is always harder than frost
so i tell you to play frost , rotation is simple you keep your diseases up and spam obliterate and when you have no runes you try to spend your runic by using frost strike ( try to use it on killing machine procs )
thats all

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I find unholy extremely easy for leveling at least.

Just ice touch, plaguestrike, blood strike and scourge strike dumping runic power for death coil and corpse explosion.

Good aoe, and mobs die like flies. Frost presence and death strikes vs elites.

Also ghoul is lovely, it can tank mobs while you mine something :smiley:

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frost dk is pretty simple.

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