WotLK Classic: Enhancement Shaman QoL adjustments

We have already been trying to get Blizzard’s attention for a while via Tickets, Forum posts, and most recently Twitter to Zirene directly, but to no avail. We don’t really have a voice/representative with a platform like some other Classes, that would make them notice us and at least look into / acknowledge some of the issues;

  • While we were mostly able to make up for the severely lackluster survivability in earlier phases ( extremely low health pool → 10k less than Ret/Warr/DK in ICC gear, and our only “defensive” becomes a DPS CD with T10 ) it’s getting to a point where it’s seriously hindering our gameplay and ability to enjoy playing the game. We believe that sacrificing our already mediocre DPS ( bottom in ICC bis ) for Defensive talents and Stoneclaw Glyph just so we can have only a fraction of other melees’ survivability is problematic. We desparately need more Stamina.
  1. GAMEPLAY ( Fire Ele / Fire Nova design flaw )
  • Again, up to this point, we have mostly been able to circumvent this anti-synergy between our two core abilities, and it’s only been an issue on bosses like Algalon, but in ICC it’s gonna happen all the time; We use our Fire Elemental → the boss moves → We are locked out of Fire Nova for the remainder of the fight.

These issues were also acknowledged by Blizzard back in original WotLK and promised fixes, but were never actually addressed ( e.g. Blizzard from 2010; bluetracker.gg/wow/topic/eu-en/12947162219-upcoming-enhancement-buff/ ).

Unlike some other Classes, we aren’t asking for “buffs” ( despite being bottom DPS in Phase 4 dps projections ), but are just asking for some adjustments / QoL fixes that would allow us to play and enjoy the game.

  • Another issue, but one which we have given up on; There was a lot of discussion over the past year about the fact that we don’t use Windfury - the signature Enhancement shaman Imbue ( part of our identity ) - for most of the expansion because of the massive ICD. We are not expecting changes to this at this point.

let me get this straight, the most iconic aspect of ur class since vanilla is now poop and blizz wont do anything about it? thats pretty bad even for them, removing the icd would be a reasonable buff/fix


I could survive and in fact have never died on my level 70 shaman. You need to learn to use your cooldowns right. I could solo many elites in TBC zones during wrath.

BUMP any news on this?

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In Cataclysm, fire nova is cast on your flame shock instead of on your fire totem.

That would be a reasonably easy to implement change.


He is talking about raids and not about leveling experience.
You need to learn to read.


I completely agree.
I bet we wont get any changes, but just the FIre ele QOL changes would be very much welcome even though it wouldnt technically be a dps increase it would still increase our dps on some bosses with movement.

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Didn’t see the word “raid” anywhere in the first post. You are the first person to mention it in the thread.

He literally names the RAID in the survivability issue and also talks about how even with the ICC gear we are 10k hp behind other melee classes making us squishy and how our DEFENSIVE cooldown becomes an offensive one. So its basically used on CD instead of when the dmg comes out.

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srsly mate looks like you didnt read the post at all

ontopic: fire nova: it would be such an amazing quality of life if you could replace Fire Elemental Totem by pressing the same spell. Would completely fix the issue.
For blizzard: need a minor glyph that allows you to replace fire elemental totem, doesn’t work in bg/arena.

its common knowledge that enh shaman have lower hp, its a bit sad, no real reason why this should be the case.

have no comment about windfury.

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I used to raid on a shaman in the original Wrath and had no problems at all and I was Enhancement.

are you a real person?

I once went into a levelling zone and never saw any bots, must be fake news.

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Lol, this is bad, even for Dottie. Washed up nowadays, can’t even be snooty properly.

  1. Do not stand in bad.

  2. Place them better and not just wherever you are standing whenever.

  3. Stop taking SP items and i might care.

More survivability would be great. mechanics that are simple inconvienience for any other class/spec has enhancements insta dying in ICC based on my testing.

and the enhancement “Defensive” (its not really but w/e) is gonna become an “Offensive” sooooooo…
My suggestion would be adding a similar talent/minor glyph to Feral Cats where they take (i think 30 or 40%?) less damage from AoE damage and a lotta raid mechanics. Feral cats already have this and theyre immortal monster dps’ anyways :smiley:

(and if literally anybody cares about pvp just make it so it doesnt work for pvp, the feral one works everywhere tho :person_shrugging: )

And let me tell you ferals they are not squishy like enhas and have 2 incredible straight up defensives [Barkskin 1min CD - Survival instincts 3 min CD] Next to their superb offensive CDs [Berserk - Tigers Fury]

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Bumb blizzard pls

Very true.

We just want to play and have fun without scuffed interactions like Fire Ele and Fire Nova countering each other… And without having to sacrifice the little DPS that we have to take Survivability Talents and Glyphs…and STILL being the squishiest AND lowest dps, worst of both worlds ><

Abosulety agree. For survivability you could make the Tier Set to have more stamina so it doesn’t affect other items and classes. Dying like a fly everywhere or kiting the mechanics when other classes can just stand in it and continue DPS is sad to watch as shaman sometimes.
Swapping stoneclaw glyph would make ele/resto shamans even more OP in pvp, so no need for that IMO. Maybe windfury glyph to have not 2% increase, but 4-5%? :wink:

There should be something done really, in one post i proposed that there should a glyph that reduces cd of Sham rage by fixed ammount every cast, that would help with both surv and damage, becouse it does look bad for Icc ngl