Would-be transfer question!


Noticed the server’s finally unlocked, and wanted to transfer my full epic mage over to play with some friends. Transferring away from Judgement and, well… If you’re a blue poster you know how bad the situation is over there with all the bots duping the rank 14s and afking in the valley of honor for purely honor. You can’t even speak to robots so its a bit of a blow on a low-pop server that this is allowed in the name of subscriptions. Hey, I completely digress. But if you don’t believe me here’s a discord dedicated to botting on Judgement - https(COLON)//discord (DOT)gg/ZjuPqH

Anyhooo… Any chance I can pay £19 to get out of my dire situation and play with friends again please? I’ll expect this to be hid from view in an hour so I made a reddit backup.

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