Would Disc be good in M+ next season?

Any idea if Disc is looking good for next season?

I’ve always wanted to try playing a Disc priest and I’m trying to decide between Resto Druid or Disc Priest.

I mainly focus on M+

I don’t want to play Holy, I think Disc looks fun and interesting but Holy looks really boring, like the vanilla ice cream option, it’s not bad and it’s a safe option but not very exciting.

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Since evoker and resto druid is the beloved and Chosen Class of m+ in this expansion Your choice is already rdy also About disc priest; Theres like more days till the next season
Let me tell you somthing that i realy would like to say
they might Buff the class but not that much :slight_smile:

If you’re leveling a healer play resto / preserver every time instead of Disc. Disc is currently in a bad place since it lacks everything: HPS, DPS, mobility, utility, compared to resto / pres currently. new 4pc looks DoA for M+ as well so yeah…

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