Would it be possible to create new Death Knights right now?

As the title says, would it be possible to create new Death Knights at the moment?

If you’re willing to say your character went to fight in the Shadowlands (I know some RPers are iffy on that) I’d say yes. Otherwise, I’m not so sure.

The last time new DKs were created in any large force was during BfA, where Bolvar had the four horsemen keep an eye out for any soldier that fought with honor in order to raise them. Source: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/story/short-story/we-ride-forth

At the time speaking however, I’d imagine most of the forces powerful enough to raise new DKs are occupied in the Shadowlands, wether that’s the Jailer’s crew or our Ebon Blade. We know Bolvar is, as are the four horsemen, and even characters like Thassarian and Koltira have been spotted, meaning it’s also fairly likely that the canon Deathlord from Legion’s order hall is there as well. They’re probably not opposed to raising a few new DKs on the battlefield to bolster their numbers. (That was, after all, why Bolvar started raising them again in the first place).

But while I have no doubt there’s still some DKs left on Azeroth, I don’t think there’d be any staying behind powerful enough to raise new knights.

I have my doubts… I may be wrong, but I think the Four Horsemen got their death-knight-raising powers from the Lich King, who in turn got it from the Helm of Domination - which Sylvanas disenchanted… I believe that goes for the DeathLord too, although maybe some of his power came from the artifact weapons… But that power was sacrificed to stabilize Azeroth’s sword wound.

I think the last/newest death knights were created by Bolvar shortly before Sylvanas soloed ICC, which (lorewise) was… a few months ago?

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Before that in Legion, the Death Kinghts were mass produced on a factory line tho’…
More so, the new generation of the Four Horsemen is made entirely of souls which voluntarily agreed to be raised as death knights.
With a parmanent link to the Death Realm from Necromancy originates any kind hearted Lich will do, like for example Amal’thazad in Acherus (he is still around and not went to the Shadlowlands, or at least we not seen him there. Yet. ) or friend or family member from the Ebon Blade after some study - a Death Knight is after all how your regular undead should look like when not raised to be a mindless ghoul or footsolider. A little time and preparation and not just “get out fr mthe grave maggot-food, time to fight… stop eating that brain!”
But just my two copper

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