Would love to see

Would love to see Blizzard work more constructively towards having their own version of raider io, and wowhead. Including many other features such as simming your character and other cool things but trademarked blizzard.

As I am a community leader I do not want to advertise, or point people in directions of sites or projects, information that people only put out there to make money. Right, Blizzard also makes money but its originally their Game.

I have long had a hatred towards people that make money off of World of Warcraft, and because they dont outright say that’s what they want. You know most communities start out by being “We’re free, different” “We don’t sell out” “We dont do this and that, we do it for the community and not profit” But they all turn out to only want it for the profit in the end, and that sort of mentality is bad.

I dont personally want to advocate for such people as I find them rather appalling, they’re all that’s wrong with the community, and they spread their thoughts and ideology to the masses in world of warcraft which is why the game’s community as a whole is in such a bad state.

They’re a bad influence, when we start loving people that beat on women and or girls and we forgive them and support them, we accept cheating and exploiting in-game mechanics, and we support misuse of trust, we complain about boosting when we dont want to help others in the first place and blame blizzard.

Then its bad, and so much more, when you’re fed this you start to believe its alright, and you dont care. A lot of people dont care about it, but they sure do get shocked when people get exposed, or the things they want changed dont change just as they wanted them even though they asked for it,

And many many other things.

Blizzard while wowhead is a great source of information you need to find an alternative or make one, and take it down. same for raider. io, and all the other projects making money off of your Game, streamers need to be on a tigher leash, and investigations have to be done more thoroughly, you have advocated for multiple RMT streamers, communities, you advocate for the biggest and second biggest RMT players in the Game, raider io and wowhead, and many more.

You should get more focused on making that information yours, and building your own platform, building your own addons, and spend more money on your infastructure, that would definitely make World of Warcraft better in the long run.

Only a corporation can be entirely innocent, and pure in their intentions, you cannot have individuals starting their own things because history tells us the majority dont care about others, or abusing or using others, they cant be held accountable, and they’ll keep rising new projects as soon as the other crash, corporations in this day and age is held accountable, and with the recent thing with blizzard I am sure there will be no more mishaps, but we cant do that to wowhead, or raider io, or other because when they do get exposed nobody will care, that’s the depravity we’re at now, and if people do care for some miraclous reason then someone else will take the mantle of starting up, misuing peoples trust for their own gain and selling out.

A lot of people dont understand how much influence “Figures” can send out and how much bad influence, you need to get back to the old roots and start making this Game a Game and not a money machine for everyone.

That way the community will be saved.


I for one would love to have a proper system for scores, now that you have switched it up and you need both tyrannical and fortified keys, we would love to have armory show more details in regards to what keys people have done on tyrannical, and fortified week, I am not sure you can do that now, and in armory a recruitement tool of your own for Guilds, and M+

I know you have the forum sections, but not much is done there I would also love to see a rankings system more up to date with the times, yours is very out-dated even for a seasoned player, we would love to have it more gathered like raider io but blizzard trademarked and no revenue gains for anyone else but blizzard.

As for wowhead I personally like many others I believe would love to add certain information and datamine, and make guides and update available and not available transmog for free, if you just give us the blizzard trademarked information tool, or armory of sorts like wowhead you wouldn’t have to add that yourselves, the community would gladly help you add and contribute wholeheartedly.

It would bring the community together, it would stop bad influencers like wowhead to spread their ideology, their power trips and their monopoly on culture. They have way to much influence, and raider io is starting to get too much too.

I want to, and I do think many want to see a new age, without money hungry gnolls feeding on misused trust, lost integrity and morals to make money. A new era of sorts run by blizzard.

It’s a lot of information to go through in terms of recreating a wowhead in blizzards name where they are the only profiters but it can work, and it would make for a better Game. A more centralizerd Game, everything is so spread out, we want to get information and sources from you directly.


Same old Bluetrain repeating what you said a 100 times.


Same old someone hiding their true character reading and replying to what I have said 100 times.

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Should Blizzard data-mine Blizzard :face_with_monocle: :joy:


They would obviously have all the information themselves which would make it easier to publish right, but have we known blizzard to be more active than needed, not really so others could do it easily and for no profit.

Its about “Community” which this very post is about.

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Oh here we go another hopeless Player praying their dying hope will eventually be acted on.


If you want them to act on your feedback, Do not write and vote with your wallet. Til then you are just constantly asking to be heard by a wall (said wall being ActivisionBlizzard)

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Guess new rules about boosting are affecting your business eh Robin??

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I’d be happy if no-one data-mined anything so an expansion/patch wasn’t completely spoilt by the time it was launched.

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This ^ Give it another 24 hours and we will already know the meta for m+ and cue everyone rerolling


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