WoW App pitted against curious Win Deployment

in an old enough post I tried to extract some info about msecs of the game’s playback and answers had to do with FPS rather than msecs,
then it was obvious that a problem of msecs must refer to something too expert and only for Computing; so the sole useful outcome was to find out about an instruction of the BCDEDIT which solved a screen safety issue I had, quite important to settle at the time.
That problem consisted in choosing a fullscreen (Windowed) which could not bypass the safety setting in BCDEDIT as Borderless fullscreen was capable of.
As for msecs it was easy to deduce later, though not know for certain, that many apps bypass the hard layer of output distortion and then hit precision with allowing a little latency to make up for extra msecs.
But it comes now as another bummer to discover that even “windowed fullscreen” was not enough in order to not bypass another safety issue, this time one in winRegistry (namely, the ndu): it is hard to assess this one, being too stealthy in its effects, a default 2 necessitates to be set at 1. But it is a strong conviction of mine, So at last I chose strictly the “windowed” option in system settings.

Hey, I decided I should share this viewpoint because of being caught between two uncomfortable set-ups: one is that WoW always feel so extravagant a game as to not really care to request technical support for it,
the other uncomfortable set-up is to having to request Computing support which amounts to getting training actually (as seen from another’s side) and that is simply out of context if positioned like that.

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I have no idea what you are going on about milliseconds, bcdedit and registry. In anycase users should not really try to edit things in either unless absolutelu sure what they are doing.

Oh top of what Grelier said, I believe trying to reverse engineer the WoW app, or battlenet app, or the communications protocols used by said apps, is a bannable offence.

Not sure why you need to involve the NDU as it’s not installing any drivers.

Apart from that I have no idea what you are talking about. If it’s about latency then it’s more important than framerate.

How about you link where you copied this from as a start as this seems rather confusing without more context?

Hey now, I think there’s a good picture to it,
in other words imagine someone installing WindowsOS with Rufus&ISOfile and despite installing drivers (& updating all) for the hardware they still have to face safety issues for the screen and some other (like the ndu?); they do not really get to find instructions for unexpected problems nor are they able to elicit guidance in such level of tech info;
Then they keep on working with such a computer and forming and opinion about msecs, e.g. why Utube requires 0.8 playspeed to playbak right? why Windows Media Player requires uncommon speeds at 0.77 to playback right? Why MusicGroove Player playbacks as though running at 1.23 and without any option to rectify? See?
Why video games and online radio may be allowing an extra 0.03 msecs, maybe to limit quality? See?

You do realise 0.03ms is 0.00003 of a second? And try running the game using Windows directly not through Windows on a USB drive.

I have no idea about the Youtube, WMP or MusicGroove problems youa re having as you are being a clear as mud.

(Dottie, look, I am not into relevant terminologies,
but I may hazard about a linear depiction of the second’s intestines,
and to suspect a different one which employs a range based on the first two decimal fractions of the 3,14 cycle’s axis?
But honestly, I do not know.)

Sorry but that could not be understood.

It’s almost as if it was a bot using a “random sentence generator”.

Like a word salad?