Wow armor just awful


Why is the armor in WOW so boring ? Are we ever gonna get sets and customization like you get in GW2?


There are tons of boring GW2 sets aswell. Besides, this is really subjective.

Quick side note.
“Medium armor --> long trench coat”

(Morganaléfay) #3

80% of the armor in wow is like painted over ur body, thats the old Vanila armor style… The best point in wow armor was in Legion, they really put in work for those, BFA tho… OMEGALUL
We have so many tmog restrictions and deleted items from game its ridiculous.


Yes it is subjective but you seriously cannot be saying Wow armour is better…we can’t even dye any of it in this game :frowning:

(Punyelf) #5

Customisation on the whole in WoW is very basic. I don’t think you can really compare it to a game like GW2.


Yes it is very basic,and I’m not saying they should try and compete with the likes of gw2 but how about a bit off effort into styling,hell they could even puts some half decent sets for sale in the shop


I would want a few sets to be available in the shop too: New sets only available there, and unobtainable sets like tier 3.

(Laeli) #8

At least none of you are wearing a sack on your head. :cry:


im missing tier sets,while ep cloth set isnt bad plate set is fugly


Blizz will never put in more effort than the bare minimum when it comes to character customization…

The character creator should have been redone from the ground up years ago in my opinion.


Most people loved it the first few years, then it went weird


The guild wars gear looks better in quality of individual skins. Yet the designs are boring imo. They don’t have a lot of variety only when you are willing to buy from the in-game store.
I play a thief but only have access to 2 non-(trench)coat chest pieces.
Heavy armor has a lot of “skirts” for example.


Legion sets are great

Most… scrap that, all of my sets for transmog come from legion, all of them.

They are just that good.

Priest antorus is bis, and will be for probably years, i doubt they can match that.


Truth be told, i’d punch baby jezus in his gob for the option to dye armor.


I am happy we got transmogs.
Azarith armor is disguesting.
Who wants to wear floaty spiky yellow rocks?

(Draebet) #16

The problem with armor dying is that in order to pull it off the armor texures have to be grayscale, WoW doesn’t store its Armor textures in grayscale so for example if you took a blue armor set and applied yellow dye the set would be green.

(Chocoh) #17

Was admiring a priest mates transmog earlier. Was the tomb set i think? Big and bulky with multiple layers, so much detail and creatively. Really opened my eyes to how little effort has gone into BfA armour so far, some of the legion stuff was absolutely incredible.

I mean comoare the 2 lol…


Baring in mind we’ve paid £200 (expansion and subs) to go from the top link quality, to the bottom

(Tsaritsin) #18

Mine looks fine, but thx for your concern…

(Cedrad) #19

Complete redoing of the character customization won’t happen. It’s rooted in very old way of doing things. But I forsee that Blizzard is preparing some changes to the Character customization in next expansion.

It’s not the only problem. If they wanted to they could do this. It’s almost zero effort to convert the textures to greyscale, just run script and it will get done. The problem is that armor would look worse becasue now with dyeing because everything would be just monochromatic.

The good way to do this would be to split the textures into multiple pieces and each one would be dyed seperete color or just make color apply to only “main elements” while some details and accents would remain. But thta would be a lot of retroactive work that would probably break a lot of stuff. So if they would to introduce this kind of system it would only be with new armor.

Also, no wow armor isn’t awful. A lot of it is just painted on character model but they improved every other expnsion. In vanilla there different shapes of boots and gloves as well as long dress/skirts. Helmet and Shoulders were unique models. In Wrath they added new bulky belts and bulky boots. In Mists we got new belt shape and belt buckles that are unique models. Lastly in Legion they introduced collections that make armors realy look awsome and 3d. Now some armor sets get whole bunch of custom unique 3d elements attached. Also honorable mention is for BfA and short skirts, these exisited since vanilla but were never used until BfA armors.

(Kayleen) #20

i find BfA armor sets to be a step down compared to legion ones, and mail ones to be the weakest in general.