WoW at 1440p and medium graphics. Hardware?

You obviously don’t know what im talking about when i say WoW is primarily CPU limited.
Resolution does not matter for the CPU.
Also lowering the grfx settings will hardly improve your min FPS, if at all.
Remember, i am not talking about 60 FPS in LFR where half of the players are afk or pressing one button a minute.
I am talking about the real stress test in a 20/30/40 man raid with players who are actually playing their char properly and thus increasing the amount of entries in the combatlag drastically.

Even with the fastest gaming CPU (the 9900KS) you will not get 60 FPS all the time.

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Can affirm this. There’s a lot of ignorance going around with WoW because of its engine. The DX 12 improvements of last year helped a bit but it’s still primarily two cores. It just made it so that your graphics card does a bit more of the work. As such WoW just likes high single-threaded clock speeds but even then at around 5 ghz you aren’t guaranteed not to have dips below 60 depending on where you are and your settings.

Oh, and WoW is also pretty unoptimized sometimes. Just look at Val’sharah.

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Keep it real man!

Get a Ryzen 9 3950X Threadripper - MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE motherboard - 128 Gigs of 4000MhZ DDR4 - NviDia TITAN RTX! - 4 TB SSD M2 with 3500MB/s Read and write - 1600w PSU - Schould keep it on Medium settings (the next 10 years)

Everything else you get is JUST A TOY!

I concur on that joke with everything but this. Threadrippers aren’t exactly for gaming. They’ll do I suppose but their main purpose is content creation and the like. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would advise you get way more informed before buying stuff, because if you are seriously considering to get a 900 series card, you clearly need to get some information, because that is no good.

It’s not a threadripper, it’s basically the transition between customer high end and threadripper.

It’s on par or slightly better than the 3900x for gaming, but way better for content creation, but not quite as good as the threadripper, which is also excellent for gaming, and can actually beat the 3950x in some cases.

Most mmos are cpu bound in some way.

And some games especially scale better with single core performance in general, but it’s not because they are just like that, but more because devs need to actually learn how to code for multithreaded programs better.

They are gonna need to do it anyway.

There is an article called.

Why Johnny Can’t Write Multithreaded Programs if you are interested.

Especially considering that this is an old game with an old engine, so this argument applies even more, since when this game was created multiple core cpus weren’t really a thing.

I am very sorry for this late response and very thankful for the answers ive got so far.

A friend of mine will give me a GTX 1060 for free, and I will buy a AMD 3600, 3200 (or more) MHz memory and a motherboard. :slight_smile:

Im gonna play on a 1440p and 144hz.

Don;t cheap out too much on the motherboard and especially power supply.

Never buy a bad power supply.

Nonsense, I use a 970 for WoW and have done so since I bought it, and it runs just fine on both a 4K and 1440 ultrawide monitor at settings 7 toned down on raid settings. Only real slowdown comes with fog effects. But then I dont need 120-140 fps and chuckle at those that claim its a necessity for WoW. If I had limited funds and needed a cheap card just to get by with as a temporary measure, a 2nd hand 970 will certainly do the job.

There’s a whole world of difference to what some people think you need, and what you really need, to play WoW at an acceptable level.

Lol, please.

A single 970 can barely stay above 40 fps maybe at 1440p, don’t bs me, in older games it can get to maybe 60 fps, if you turn down the graphics, but wow isn’t really a great game for graphics, it doesn’t run so well.

And we are not even talking about memory limitations.

The only person saying nonsense here is you.

120 hertz no f way.

You are either lying about your settings, or lying about what card you have.

Whta you said is directly disproven by benchmarks, everyone can do a google search. And even then, even with the lowest settings you cannot get 120 hertz at 1440p with a 970.

And even then, even if all of that was not true, there are still better deals, than a used 970 on the market, so don’t even bother.

Go back and read my post…very…very…very…very…slowly. Google is your friend for any words with more than 2 syllables you don’t understand. The only one throwing BS around here is you as I make no mention of me running this game at 120htz on my 970; why would I when the 2 monitors I have are 60 and 75htz.

I can quite happily play this game at 4k and currently 1440 ultrawide, with a 970. I know this because I do it every day. You are aware you can play games, especially this one, perfectly fine at 40-60fps aren’t you?

As I stated before, if someone was on a tight budget and one was available at a good cheap price, it’s more than capable of getting the job done.

So whay we’ve learnt here is that you really should learn to read before running your chops off and then accusing people of lying :bellhop_bell::end:

I re read and you are correct, you never stated that you play this game at 120 fps, i misunderstood. Sorry about that.

With that said, i am still correct on the fact that a 970 is not worth it at this point since there are way better deals on the market, and if you cannot afford it, you should probably wait a little bit and gather a little more money as buying very old tech is not worth it.

Second, at 4k you will not run games even at 30 fps with a 970 unless the game requires very very low resources, it’s just not possible, for one you need lots of vram, that the 970 doesn’t have, it has 3.5 gb of fast and 0.5 gb of slow vram, 3.5 is not enough for most 4k gaming, so there will be lots of stuttering, second, the power is just not enough.

I mean you can be satisfied with an average of 40 or 50 fps, but it’s not that great honestly.

You can play at 4 k on a 970, doesn’t mean you should or that you are gonna have a good experience doing so.

The only games iv’e seen running decently on 4 k with a 970 are games like rocket league, extremely low demand titles, mmos are not low demand, especially when it comes to cpu as it’s usually the bottleneck, i would expect no more than 50 fps in wow, in low density zones with 4k, or old zones.

If anything what seems strange to me is that you have a 4k monitor and only a 970.

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