WoW at 1440p and medium graphics. Hardware?



Gonna buy a i5 9400f, 3000MHz memory and motherboard.

Do you think a GTX 970/980 will handle medium settings in raids, 15-20+ at 1440p? Trying to spend as little as possible and buy a used graphic card.


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Depends as WoW performance isn’t always limited by raw compute power.

Ram: 8 gb okish, 16 optimal
Storage: decent sata ssd or better.
GPU: depending on your local prices those old GTX may not be the best choice. GTX 970 vs rx 480/580, then used Vega 56, 64, GTX 1070 and up. I would avoid older generations plus GTX 970 isn’t that good.


Think I gonna try a gtx 970, maybe 980. Should be able to handle raids at about 50~ fps I think? At medium.

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But why? Are they super cheap or something? 970 isn’t that powerfull and has limited VRAM. Like right now most second hand market cards are NVIDIA Pascal and AMD Polaris. There is way less Maxwell and the prices may be more speculative plus electronics do age. You just can pay more for less.

I’m using Vega 64 with TR1920x and Play on 3440x1440 mode 7. I used quad core skylake i5 with R9 Fury and that could lag on some mass mob fights and alike. 970 would be weaker than fury.