WoW Classic: Cataclysm Classic Announced at BlizzCon

they announced that they will open account wide transmogs already in wolk before cata launch

I played Cata from the start. I absolutely hated it. I quit during the Firelands patch. Came back right before MoP. Well, at first I liked the leveling, but then I saw how it is a spesific pattern in every zone. After that it’s only been a reminder of when the original game was torn appart, rather than enhanced.


opening with “We listened to your feedback and give you cata” while at the same time ignoring all the people who want to stay in wotlk is such bs x) Only thing we can hope for is a WOTLK/BC Era realms like for vanilla. But i doubt it. (btw i dont mind progression servers and going throuhg all expansions, but atleast keep 2-3 realms for each expansions alive for those who want to play there fav expansion. it is not like people need ot buy cata again and they would lose money from sales)


I am really disappointed by this one. Classic era ended with WOTLK for me and a lot of vanilla players and whilst I enjoy retail, I don’t feel the same nostalgia for Cata that I do for the previous expansions.
This would have been the perfect opportunity for Blizz to explore Classic + and I feel that they have missed the boat a bit. I actually wonder if the only reason they are doing this is so that they can get to MOP?
I just cannot see this being well received by the majority of the player base, a lot of them I feel will stay in WOTLK classic or stop playing.


i look forward to the greatest expansion Shadowlands Classic in a few years :smiley:

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I guess p-server will get a big boom again soon. shame. WOTLK was the only reason i still played official wow. cause i thought it would be the more safe option. xD but from what i saw p-server like warmane are very persistent nowdays. not like 10 years ago. guess thats where i am going

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it will be in 2034

Shame it was only briefly mentioned at the panel. How about showcasing some of the major changes? Like will the retail models finally be available? Will flex raiding be implemented to avoid the weird 10/25M split in Cata? What about LFR, can we just leave that one out? Will the full retail transmog system be available (legendary transmog, separate shoulderpads transmog and so on). Anything else? Will Abyssal Maw be implemented (the presentation showed 7 raids…Cata only has 6 and that is being generous but whatever)?

I get that SoD was the major topic but 10 more minutes for Cata wouldn’t have hurt. I hope the devs have some major stuff in the pipeline. This is the Xpac to make the big changes on!

Let’s just hope we HAVE a Wrath Classic to stay in! :pray:


I only wanted a Season of Mastery system for Vanilla+TBC+Wotlk on a repeat cycle forever, seems like that was too much to ask for

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Disgusting. I played Cata life. No, thank you. Boomers are unable to clear normal ICC. Imagine super hard raids. PvP was totally unbalanced. Rogues are gods. Paladins are crying because of the stupid “holy” power and more. Remember a smoke bomb? Oh. You don’t. The warriors were a total joke at patch 4.3. There was no reason to pick it over a rogue. What about Vas’Hir? Are you ready to level underwater? LFR. Tol’Barak. It’s like VoA but MUCH much harder. And more. The worst thing is we have only 6 months, including phase 5. CG Blizz. You nailed it.

If there will be no wotlk servers, then I won’t play on a Blizzard server anymore.

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Judging by the fact that anything other than Classic Era is a progression-server, I hardly think so. Nothing would make me happier than having to eat my words.

Cataclysm, while 13 years old at this point, is not “classic” in my eyes. For me, it is the first iteration of modern wow.


I’m very tempted to try and see if Ret is as bad as I remember. I guess it depends what build they go with. I have heard they fixed a lot of the issues later in the expansion.

Blizz, keep WoTLK Classic servers alone and running. I love the HC+ options. Keep it. Allow players to choose freely between Cataclysm progression or staying in WoTLK.
Thank you in advance for many, many players!



cata - 2024
mop 2026
wod 2028
legion 2030
bfa 2032
sl - 2034



mate i see peope wiping in hc dungeons in wolk atm :stuck_out_tongue:

got kicked from alpha dungeon because tank decided that pulling when my hunter is with 0 mana is good idea

boost gear is total utter garbage baring for itlv :stuck_out_tongue:

its absolute myhem :stuck_out_tongue:

i love it :stuck_out_tongue:

will enjoy those few days till s3 start in retail :stuck_out_tongue:

and i am super hyper for cata launch :slight_smile:

Lets gooo Cata! For me as a Shadowlands Rookie that would be cool to start anew and collect all of these elite tmogs and other limited stuff plus Ragnaros and Twilight Hammer are good villain pillars imo. Love this dark and fiery cata vibe.

and theeen we will get the df classic!

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