WoW Classic: Cataclysm Classic Announced at BlizzCon

WoW Classic: Cataclysm Classic Announced at BlizzCon

At BlizzCon 2023, World of Warcraft Executive Producer Holly Longdale took to the stage to announce the next expansion for World of Warcraft Classic.

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I want to know when is Shadowlands Classic coming out?


Transmog and reforging i hope will be available at release, those will be two nice additions… also racial and class changes, a tauren priest incoming :grinning:

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Any chance Booty Bay can get some love in the War Within?
It’s still in an awful mess since the first Cataclysm

Did they say changes or no changes?
I am definitely doing Cata, I love it.

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This is one of my favorite expansions!!!

OK… I dont mind them doing cata. But don’t do it like with BC and just force everyone to CATA and just delete WOTLK. Keep some BC and WOTLK servers. Wasn’t the whole point that we can play the expansion we want? Tbh only reason i came back was WOTLK. guess i play other games again soon.


Whats the point in callin it classic anymore if you are going to force us all into every next expansion, its just re-realising the whole catalogue again and yet people stupidly buy into it…

We need legacy LK and TBC servers for people who don’t want to move, but yet again the $$$ will prevail…


Transmog, i hope that will be available straight away and the new class/race combos, eg human hunter/tauren priest etc

Everybody istalking about trailer but not about Cata itself. Do you really want this? As far as I remember people were not so enthusiastic as they were with wotlk. For some people Cata was the beginning of wow’s death. What next? Pandaria classic? WOD classic? Dragonflight classic? This is so bad direction. In addition they will remove wotlk after. We will not be able to stay on wotlk as we still can on vanilla. Killing wow twice during their career. Uh, not surprised.
For me, you can even release Dragonflight classic, but leave wotlk classic servers open. If you close them, you can say goodbye to most of your players. OFC you don’t give a s* now. But when you will loose players, then you probably bring wotlk servers back, won’t you? Jesus, can we make fundraising to test Blizz staff IQ? This is just unbelievable.


cata got a bad rep but honestly it was a good expansion from a purely casual point of view

With changes. What changes are said at 23:30 UTC+1.

Ah well blizzard have done it again.

The Shattering was a disaster first time round, so I won’t be hanging around for that. It basically turned the old zones from hives of activity into ghost towns.

They also stopped me playing on TBC Classic and forced me onto Wrath Classic servers.

Either Blizzard is just having a laugh at the Classic community’s expense or they don’t understand why people are attracted to Classic type servers. The Shattering is the demarcation line between Classic and Retail so I don’t see why Cata Classic would be successful.


Ah right, will read them tomorrow.

I kinda feel the same, but guess Cata got a market too…

Or they are testing the waters…

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I just hope Wrath will have couple servers running after cata classic release.


I knew this was inevitable, but I absolutely hated it when Cataclysm came and ended Wrath of the Lich King back in 2010 - now it’s happening allover again.


i’d laugh if wrath of the jailer’s erran boy got closed for cata :smiley:

very hyped but make sure to keep wolk servers separate and runing. cataclysm should be separate servers from wolk.


cataclysm had really good a strong start.

initial dungeons and then troll dungeons were very fun to play

leveling experience was very very good

alt leveling was extremly good.

people only started to whine about cata in DS because it was 9 months of runign 1 raid because m+ didnt exist back then

hc + will change this experience a lot.