WoW Classic Character Transfer Temporary Closure -- 30 April



Hey boys and girls kaivax confirmed that they will open character transfers in TBC pre patch. You can go onto the post i made where he confirmed it :slight_smile: BTW kaivax is the guy who wrote this in the first place :slight_smile:

Can we expect a Faction change too in the near future?

Please let us know when we can expect the character migration service to be live again. Expected it to be available right when the prepatch was launched.

It’s not a gold increase for level 60’s as it is saying in that blue post, 60 is still 2k despite what it says. 5k is for level 70’s according to their site, but the blue post if referring to level 60’s, as no one can level to 70 currently. Misleading and very frustrating.

please fix server transfers for EU - It won’t allow me to do this

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