[Wow Classic]Honor Rank Not Updated

So it’s wendsday 5PM My Honor rank for last week hasn’t updated my rank for this week. It Effectively means i’m still Rank 0. Eventhough clearly I’ve done enough Hk’s and gained enough honor to in my bracket be around Rank 3(Sergeant) now i Fought hard and fought with Honor but for some reason my character is not getting his promotion… Can someone please look into it.(Relogging doesn’t work i did a lot of /reload log in/out and even Exit and restart client)

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I have the same issue, would love to know how to fix this.

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All i could find was something about Honor not being updated but that that will be fixed at 3am server time. But that didn’t have anything about Honor Rank specified but could be both. So :smiley: hopefully it’s just the Cache thing causing issues

Same issue here, half the players I see already have a Rank, and even though I have more HKs + Honor compared to them my rank is at 0…

Yes, but on Thursday, as you can read here.

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What’s your opinion?


I still do not see any rank. The update on Thursday did not fix it for me.

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My honor from yesterday(Thurs) Also did not update and has seemed to disappear when i have logged on today. Issue is still not fixed and no post on it.

Any update?

Did you get your honor updated or?

My yesterday’s honor is lost. 2 days ago honor still look like “yesterday” and true yesterday stats is gone and disappeared.Can someone help me please?

Same problem, my honor is still not working correctly. Yesterday when I was doing PVP it showed me “378 HKs” for that day. Then this morning when I logged in, yesterday’s HKs were just “30”, with ~1000 honor added, and the “today” HKs had dropped just 2.