Honour not updating?

In my honour tab all my honourable kills for the week are still being updated in the ‘today’ subsection, however in the this week panel where it shows your weekly honourable kills and estimated honour everything is showing up as 0. So instead of seeing something like:

Honourable kills 23
Dishonourable kills 0

honourable kills 17
honour 348

For 40 kills spread accross 2 days all i get is:

Honourable kills 40
Dishonourable kills 0

honourable kills 0
honour 0

Is this a known bug?

Same on mine


We’ve found the problem here, and a caching issue is causing some players to still see last week’s Honor.

Rest assured that everyone’s kills are counting as expected, and after an additional realm restart in each region, you’ll have the correct rank for this week.

We’re moving to do those realm restarts as soon as we can following the weekly Honor and Raid reset. These restarts are being scheduled for 3:00 a.m. CET Thursday, November 21 in this region.

Thank you for your patience!


You’ll have time to ponder that while you’re on your ban from the forums. :joy:


Says the horde…the obvious cause of the imbalance.


So that is why the honor level didn’t get upgraded earlier this week? Didn’t get more honor on the Honor-rank before I got to 110-112 on the character I leveled first. So did this bug affect that too? I know it’s not about levels, since a lvl 45 got ranks while doing BGs.

Any updates about othere issues ?

I have a word pad of every HK i got before PvP patch who do i send to make me rise in ranks??? Lots of days in the jungle ganking lvl 30s

So, if I transfer my character will I get the correct honor/rank before this update or do I have to wait? Half the guild has done a realm transfer. Some of us waited to get the rank before we transfered. But now we have to wait untill tomorrow for the rank?

Well, I’m sorry, but this is kind of a slap in the face. So many problems, so many issues. The main issue for many players when reading the forums is server imbalance and overpopulation. Not a single reply to any of those concerns, not even a “being looked into” or “working as intended”, but this, this gets immediate attention.

I wrote a positive post, I think, trying to explain whats going on and granting you, as Blizzard, some time to assess the problem, and try and find a solution.

This feels like insult added to injury. Subscription cancelled.


Will this fix some peoples ranks not updating aswell?

I got 31k honor this week and received nothing whilst a friend got 2k and received theirs.

You idiots are not going to do anything to the imbalance. Idiots, blame just yourself, this is a pure suicide of the game pvp.

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so the “some players” is meaning that some player have the honor update and others don’t? That also then means some players will play an extra day with PvP trinket and others not?
Maybe consider restarting the servers before tomorrow(!)


best part you cant even make a ticket for that cause their interface is just endlesly loading ! … nice gg blizz…


So people buying their PvP gear today and will have an advantage for 1 day compared to others. Is there some kind of compensation for us who haven’t got our rank today and have to wait untill tonights restarts?

It’s 1 day and 1 trinket…


It’s an ENTIRE 24 HOURS!
That’s up to 86 THOUSAND seconds that some players could be using one WHOLE trinket. This is MASSIVELY unfair.

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Hello Kaivax,
I am sick of Blizzard incompetence to make things working. I am sick of being quinea pig to test your infrastructure. There is server lag, disconnects, long ques. As i will be getting my pvp stuff tomorrow and not today i and ALL affected players would like a recompensation from Blizzard. I will make a new topic if i do not get an answer and do not bull**** me with your standard customer service replies as i am not accepting it. It is time for you Blizzard to finally answer for your mistakes,


this was for classic im afraid, however the may have had the same issue on retail

So, Blizzard is imbalance the PVP, cause most of players have their trinkets, while I am part of the bugged players and even with all of the PVP effort - i remain unranked.
“Well done Blizzard”

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