WoW Classic Hotfix -- Raid Party XP Bug

Glad to see this has happened, now the true feeling of doing dungeons the proper way and seeing people actually questing is great.


Good, now rollback all the exploiters to the correct amount of XP. It’s completely unfair to everyone else. The server economy and PvP balance is ruined.


How did it take you guys this long to figure this **** out? There was a 3month beta ffs! XD


Damn, late to the party on that one.

apparently raids inside dungeons were not available for the beta, for some reason.

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We want to note that this fix is not a tuning adjustment or balance change.

In original WoW, there was an XP penalty while in a group of 6 or more players. A contemporary bug had scrambled the penalty, and that bug is now fixed.

Again, we really appreciate the player reports that brought it to our attention.


I dig the pseudo-GM outfit. I prefer the Azure Silk Hook, but yours definitely does the job. Props to you! <3

Thanks lol it’s like a tribute to the days when you would see GMs in-game randomly telling jokes and doing fun stuff… good times. I think the Azure Silk Hood is too dark blue compared to the robe though, hmmm… besides, I payed about 67k gold for the Augural Hood because it no longer drops, so I figured I’d wear it for the rarity value too.


Yeah, amen, dude. Fun fact is that GMs usually only use out-of-game clients these days, with only the developer and QA sorts of staff that appear in-game these days. Those were the days. <3 I’d say that’s a great investment you’ve made though, I can definitely agree. \o/ Cheers to Classic! \o/

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That makes sense, although I still can’t explain why I saw a GM in Legion randomly get taken out of invisibility & stunned by a guard in the Rogue class order hall, I thought they would be immune/in god mode or something. Maybe it was a developer/QA staff like you mentioned? hmmm.

So now you’re fixing this, after tens of thousands of people used this. Note, I am not writing “abuse” because…

  • there was no way for them to know. No one knew for sure how xp calculations worked during Vanilla any more

  • Running dungeons in a raid is not forbidden in any case, as it was often done for quick loot-grinds in Vanilla as well.

So now we have everyone who used this being ahead of everyone who didn’t. And the only way to compensate the people who are now behind, is gone.

Thanks for applying this fix, because imo it was seriously messing with the spirit of leveling in classic. But it was late, too late, and should have been detected WAY earlier in the evaluation process.

Maybe next time you do something like Classic, do an ACTUAL beta, and not just a promo for the streamers and other “big names”, many of whom we KNOW don’t report bugs they intend to use for their own advantage. Several of them have actually admitted to that openly.

You have a loyal fanbase for games of actual quality and depth (like classic). This fanbase spreads by word of mouth. You don’t need to shackle yourself to a horde of internet “personalities” and pamper them. You are Blizzard. You deserve better than that.


People knew… the penalty has always been there. That’s why it’s called ‘exploiting’. You know about a bug. You use it to your advantage. Exploiting.

But exploiting is not allowed and violates their TOS/EULA aka the contract you sign when you hit that accept button when making your account…

The streamers as well as certain hardcore guilds (APE among others) knew about this, yet they kept on abusing the bug.

If anything, those people who abused this bug deserve a ban and get rolled back to level 1.


I understand your anger, because you are most likely in the group of people who did not get to use this before it was fixed, and that never feels good.

But please understand that similar occurrences in the past, where playing the game normally (and yes, running 5man dungeons in raids IS normal gameplay) got an advantage not intended by Blizzard, were never punished.

So if you expect them to be, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

People knew

No, they did not. No one knows how XP was calculated in Vanilla, except for Blizzard, and they did not make the formulas public.

And people saying “I remember”…sorry but I couldn’t even tell you what I had for breakfast 3 weeks ago, and I am 33 years old. If someone tells me he accurately remembers a minor calculation-mechanic in a videogame, from 15 years ago, that was relevant for less than 10% of his total time /played, then he either has eidetic memory (less than 0.00001% of the population), or hes guessing, or hes telling me what he WANTS to be true.


Look at all these crybabies replying lmao. Just login and play instead of “hurrr durrr this destoryed eVerYThInG!!! MOM!!!”

Glad it got fixed when it did, if some people got hold of it then gratz on “free” XP, doesnt affect me whatsoever. I wouldn’t even have known it was a bug.


I concur, and I want to point out, my above post was not intended to cry about it…my intention was to point out that Blizzard should revise their methodology of how they handle evaluation periods like a beta.


Are you even aware of what you’re saying?

When people abused bugs aka exploited, they got banned. Kungen and his guild got banned for exploiting a bug in ICC, and others have been banned for exploiting other raids.

Telling me that no one has been banned for abusing bugs to their advantage is the most ridiculous thing i have heard in a long time.

They do, and they did. You think they don’t but they do. How else do you reckon people figured it out and reported it, eh? You have to be in an actual raid to notice it. APES (and other hardcore raid groups/guilds did not report this because they saw it as a bug they could exploit to their advantage… They’ve seen the actual XP rate in raids on PServers for years.

Stop defending this behavior already. The fact that raids have always given far less XP than a 5 man party or solo is common knowledge.


Dont u wana to rollback those ones who abused this? !!!


and u dont want to do something with people who abuse this bug - rollback UNFAIRLY XP? people who really making speed leveling by quests just watch how half of servers ABUSE this bug and making levels one by one when others making they levels fairly and blizzard doin nothin. now almoust week gone and u tell us that you fix it. nice but how about all this people?

The ICC punishment was widely criticized, precisely because it did hit Nihilum out of the blue…they didn’t even know why the platform rebuilt sometimes, using Saronite bombs was something all good dps did at the time. To the best of my knowledge, no similar punishment was handed out since.

Part of why that is, is because of what this incident did show: Lots of requests for punishment are not borne out of genuine concern for the games health, but spite, anger and envy, especially towards the top guilds and players.

How else do you reckon people figured it out and reported it, eh?

Accidentally. They thought their opinion was correct and wrote a report, and it turned out to be correct. Other people reported the dungeons being too easy/too hard, quests not working, etc. and got told they remembered wrong. There is an antire bluepost list about the “not a bug” reports. Take 1,000,000 people with 10,000 opinions, and someone will get it right.

Stop defending this behavior already.

Stop condemning it already. You state that everyone who participated in this, did so with some malicious intent, or knowledge that its a bug, which isn’t true. Also, as stated before, your condemnation won’t result in anything, other than disappointed expectations. Hundreds of thousands of people participated in this. The world first Ony/Raggi dependet on this. What’s your expectation, that Blizzard ban half their customers to calm some people on the forums? That’s not gonna happen.

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I condemn exploiting because it is the only right thing to do.

Lots of people are already on reddit condemning their layering exploit and such.

You should probably head over there and tell them they’re wrong, yeah?

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