WoW Classic Season of Mastery Design Intentions and Details

Invented? Lol

I’m struggling to figure out their logic behind the decision NOT to increase loot drops, or at least just balance it as if the loot drops are the same as if the server has ran a regular full 2 year ish lifetime.

They are quoting “Mastery” and “Prestige” in their words but these are two completely different concepts fundamentally, albeit, the former can definitely carry the latter.

If this seasons theme truly is mastering the content, make it about SKILL and not a matter of fortune, or rather, a lack hereof.

People wanted a challenge, perfect, give them a challenge and design the content / raids around being mechanically skillful.
Being unlucky is not a challenge, it’s a frustration. Many players, heck even many guilds will not be able to meet even baseline requirements for their rosters. The duration of this season is going to be HALF of what a regular release normally is, there will be HALF AS MUCH LOOT. People didn’t even get “true bis” in Classic and speaking of:

This is not a problem due to a desire to reach true bis, it’s a worry of not being able to meet baseline requirements.
With half as much loot dropping, and only getting 8-12 (assuming 2-3 months of raiding and full clears from week 1) lockouts, only a VERY SMALL portion of a 40 man raid will get impactful upgrades. In practise, this will be even less so assuming the raids are getting tuned, chances are that many guilds wont even be able to clear each raid tier on week 1, and every lockout until they manage to do so only decreases the amount of loot available. This will breed a very toxic environment within the community and it will definitely not age like fine wine.

They need to, at the very least, adjust the drop rates so that it resembles a regular release timeline.

WoW is a RNG loot drop game. If you get lucky you get ahead. There are some otion to limit this as a raid group by goin for as much diversified gearing as possible but still most populat classes and items will be under preassure. Tank with TF will be bribed by every guild around him :wink:

And I doubt they come up with bad luck protection for SoM if it’s even possible.

This part alone is just going to make people do a lot of split raids instead…
Like, you’re keeping the same loot rate… making the raids “harder”(No wbuffs +hp buff)
Not sure what your plan is here exactly…


What are you struggling with? They wrote it pretty clearly that loot scarcity was a pretty big thing in original vanilla, which is very true since it took us so long just to clear the raids sometimes the next tier was out before guilds had even downed rag/nef/cthun. They want to make the game harder and one of the ways to do that is making loot scarce so people aren’t geared to the teeth.

The hardest private servers (within reason) had the best player retention and longevity. Perhaps they are trying to copy that. Those private servers stretched out the content over years though. The opposite of what Blizzard is doing now. I hope they have a good plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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Era fresh please

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Please consider buffing meme specs or at least their mana regen (eg ele shammy, laser chickens). Nothing would make the game feel fresher than a shaken up meta. Plus the harder content might make people stack warrs/rogues even more

“Issues created by world buffs”? What issues? Ganking? So an issue created by players and PVP, not WB’s.

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Battle for WB is not an “issue”, it’s gameplay.

The retail slope continues: now that retailers obtained to make the leveling phase irrelevant, they want their diablo-like loot shower. You just want to play another game than vanilla. And you are obtaining it. Good job on breaking a design you don’t understand.

Classic had a lot of changes compared to vanilla. Go play a well scripted vanilla tuned p-server and you’ll feel the difference. Classic was never a “nochange” build, it was a build with subtle enough changes that people who didn’t play vanilla for 15 years couldn’t identify the changes and thought it was “nochange”.

For example, the most impactful change is that dungeons give 250% exp instead of 200% exp on all p-servers (so it must be vanilla’s rate, as p-serv use the original settings and not the retail client like vanilla). This change made mage boosting possible. Mage boost exists less on p-serv because it is far less powerful.

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Yes, I’m sure you will level quicker with leveling if Blizzard axes instance powerleveling as pointed out in their blue post. And I’m sure retail players that went FF14 and New World care about “Fresh” Classic.

You always talk about mage boost, but this play pattern was made worse by an error of tuning in classic. It’s entirely blizzard fault and not vanilla’s design. Their attempt at “nochange” was badly done and had a lot of problems.

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I want to see how bad it is, but I cannot find SoM. Where is it?

“more challenging content” is what was originally demanded for Classic, with “give us the original bosses” and “disable WB in raids”, and you blissfully ignored it. It’s a bit late now.
“faster progression” is the antithesis of why many people come back to Classic - which is PRECISELY not the “let’s reset everything each patch” and the “gogogo” mentality of retail.

Half of this SoM are good changes that happens too late, the other half is just the opposite of what people look for in Classic.
You are, again, completely out of touch. It’s WoW, not Diablo.


Instance exp was a pure vanilla data. Mass pulls with pathing is either the client or the client since vanilla. Faxmonkey videos do not show such mara pulls but he jukes first DM:N boss in same back/forth pathing.

The loot from maraudon rock boss that Blizzard killed in Classic was also happening on the actual 1.12 client but they axed it due to broken unlimited farm it was.

Players will optimize the fun away and even private servers had to nerf things.

I personally like the idea of classic being a seasonal thing. I also like that you do not even try to hide that the idea is just copied from Hearthstone by naming it in the exact same way ‘season of whatever’.

But changes are not yet enough for me personally to find a point playing it.
Imho it will be the same warrior speedrun meta on a faster ‘patch-cycle’ when you dont tune classes. I really dont see how it will be so different to nochanges classic without at least balancing to mana regen and damage output for dps specs

That’s it for me. Good luck to gear up as a 40-man raid with a very fast release pace.


We’re not listening our community and insist on our ideas even they feel absurd.

So, wont sub again to play this new Fresh. Gonna check next season if they come with good ideas. But this one. Thanks, no.

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Most people don’t want faster phase progression. Most people have an actual life outside of this game. This is just recreating the retail experience we all hate, a never ending treadmill of grind. All you need to do is just make a Fresh Era server for people to play on.


this would be great. Classic forever with new added content, item sets etc

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