WoW Classic: The Joyous Journeys 50% Experience Buff Returns

Just pointing out that what you believe is the WOTLK experience in reality was the Cata experience. Cata had all that. Wotlk didn’t have any of that from launch and during the major experience of the game.

No sir, half of WotLK had exactly what I described.

If I’d wanted to describe Cataclysm I would’ve included gathering xp.

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This isn’t Wotlk, never has been, it’s been Wotlk Remasterd from the start. They should have put RDF in for classic and tbc dungeon, then activate wotlk dungeon somewhere round phase 2,3 of whatever.

70+ Is not the hurdle for most people, on mega servers at least you can find a dungeon (spam groups). It’s the part that becomes before wotlk that’s tiresome at this point.


I will try again.

What you describe is the Cata experience. Cata had all of that pre-patch to end. It was part of all the Cata experience.

WOTLK did not have that for the major part of the experience.

What is a major part of an expansion experience you ask? Well that would be pre-patch to last raid. The experience of leveling up in a new world, experiencing new raids and the progression of the raids and tiers. What you describe was not part of that experience in WOTLK.

Maybe i don’t understood but =>

Pre patch of Cataclysm is the 4.0.3
Not 3.3.5


No, it’s literally not.

Cause Cataclysm took that and made it worse by revamping old world quests into incredibly linear quest hubs. If you happened to slightly outlevel a quest hub cause you did some dungeons instead you missed out on everything in that quest hub.

I’m literally describing half of WotLK, whether you like it or not.

And frankly, I’m done pretending I care if you like it cause you’ve clearly stated that as soon as you’ve done ICC once you’re done with WotLK Classic so why Blizzard keeps catering to you people is beyond me.

By repeatedly saying “the last patch is the end of the expansion” that’s exactly what you’re saying. You have no intent on playing through it.

So no, you’re wrong. About everything. Again.


I am talking about the major WOTLK experience when we level up and experience a new world and experience the progression through the raid tiers and content and finally reach and fight the last boss.

You are talking about the last phase that lasted 14 month when all that was done.

You are comparing a 14 month content drought with the major WOTLK experience.

I’m just pointing out that what you describe wasn’t part of the major WOTLK experience.

Okay, but you responded to me and I clearly wasn’t talking about the initial 2 week rush to max level.

So why are you responding to me at all?

But ICC and Ruby Sanctum, 14 months or 6 years is not the Cataclysm Pre patch.


With what you are saying then we should not have gotten the clock ingame until WotLK as it came with last patch of TBC and in Classic we would had to take out mail immedeataly as once read it is delated 3 days afterward.
So where do put a cut on features that should be delivered in the next classic version instead? When it whas in the last 25% of the Expansion? The last 33%? The mid with 50%? Or is from your eyes anything that is not at launch or first patch part of the experince automatic next Add-on Experience?


I am talking about the WOTLK retail experience. Not what should or should not be in WOTLK Classic.

I made a comment about the WOTLK experience and pointed out that RDF, XP in battlegrounds and queuing for BGs from anywhere is more of the Cata experience and was not part of the major WOTLK experience.

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Which is stupid cause it was part of half the expansion which is great for people who enjoy the game, but I can see how someone who just devours content for a week and throws it away like the Toy Story meme would see it that way.

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We know that the 3.3 was part of 44-48% of the total of Wotlk.
So yes RDF wasn’t here for the major part but almost.

Witch is stupid as it was less than half (for RDF) and wasn’t part of the major experience.

It was however part of the major Cata experience. It was part of all the Cata experience.

That is why I pointed out that was you describe is the Cata experience and not the WOTLK experience.

No one sayin it wasn’t part of WOTLK or (almost) half the duration. What I am telling you is that what you describe is the Cata experience and not the major WOTLK experience. Even though it was part of a 14 month long last phase.

Okay, so if you buy a pair of shoes and get a shoe and an extra shoelace, I guess the other shoe just isn’t part of the major experience of buying a pair of shoes.


Very smort.

If I buy a pair of shoes, I use them for hiking and going on adventures for 2 years ,and then I buy new shoelace and leave them in my house for 14 months before throwing them away I would say that those shoelace wasn’t part of the major experience even if they where on the shoes for almost half the time.

We’re done here, we’re never going to see eye to eye cause I genuinely enjoy the game and the playstyle and you clearly just enjoy devouring content.

Just be happy Blizzard is willing to cater to someone who blatantly states he’s not about to pay a sub for as long as the folks who genuinely enjoy the actual experience.


This is ridiculous.
I don’t have any other word.


That comment is just absurd when it’s you who demand RDF and I am not.

You actually just said that to someone who wants RDF and is willing to sit through the same content in RDF repeatedly.

Made me chuckle anyway.

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