WoW Classic: The Scourge Invasion Has Begun

WoW Classic: The Scourge Invasion Has Begun

The Scourge marches once more and the horrors which serve the Lich King have begun to seed the lands of Azeroth with the plague of undeath. Join with the Argent Dawn in this time-limited world event to put a stop to them.

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I don’t see any scourge invasion on the map like the quest instructs?

There are way too many players doing them and they are depleted in minutes.

At least in winterspring we have seen 2 spawn points. One was by the bridge with the giants, the other I think it was near the cave with the yetis (I just followed everyone mindlessly) .

I think the respawn is around 3:30 - 4 hours.


That tabard will be mine! MINEEEEEEEEEEE!

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Scourge Invasion aka Who has the best ping and fastest macro keyboard…


Yeah got to agree. The event atm is a joke. 10 minutes of something every 4 hours and then another 4 hour wait. Awesome


On Gehennas both EPL and Winterspring are bugged. Nothing there and still shows as Under Attack so we’re missing out on 2 invasion each respawn.

… countless mages spamming arcane exp rank 1 without stopping and we all dont have any chance for a loot :smiley: Ty blizztard for not making loots there as shareable like quest loots !!! All warriors, rogues have zero change to get a loot there :smiley:

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This is stupied. server pops with 30k players. and you spawn 4 sites.
every invation is overruned by players, even if only 10 % of the player base actuly gonna farm runes. thats 3k players, devided on 4 sites. thats 750 players per site. GG.


please increase the amount of invasions or make them spawn alot more because on large servers its impossible to get any runes as a mdps really not fun at all

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Needs more zones for invasions and more, or all, need to spawn at the same time to spread players around.

Right now one zone ends before the next starts, leading to hundreds of players swarming every invasion fighting for scraps.

It’s a pretty meh experience.


We don’t want everyone to run out with tags do we? :slight_smile:

In what world do you come up with a number of 30k people on a server?

can someone fix our bugged ones? thanks.

Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring and Azshara bugged on Gehennas now. Not many zones left before we have no invasions working at all.

#NoChanges! is a joke. Since day one they have been changing things. Where is my Ivory Raptor? It is just a skin that existed. Where is it?

You can’t have #changes on server size and #nochanges on invasion size…

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They seem to have been fixed now no?
Also they werent counting to completed invasions so there would still be the same amount of them over a longer period of time, although less spread players

I’m normally against changes, but this invasion event is obviously in need of changing. Servers are so much more populated than Vanilla, and in my case Alliance dominated. Every invasion there are groups of 30+ Allies spamming AoE to tag the mobs as they spawn.
I don’t see how I’ll manage to farm any of the sharpen stones for Naxx.
Maybe add in another way to get Necrotic Runes, since this Invasion is not working anything like Vanilla anyway?


Agreed the only possible way to get a legit tag is to have a druid.
But its very slim.