WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

… and the same goes for the PvE realms. Transferring people to Nethergarde Keep from Pyrewood Village is pure idiocy, Nethergarde Keep is already crowded with 2 layers.
Do open at least 2 new PvE realms, please!


Let us transfer from Lucifron and the other PVP realms to Celebras RP-PVE.
I started on Lucifron because there was no RP realm!


Yup, I totally agree, there has been nothing but neglect from day one. :frowning:


Does this require server reboot?

What is the Horde:Alliance ratio in Shazzrah? I’m really curious what part of the meager alliance population on that server was left standing before you closed transfers! I also can’t wait to find out if I should just never log in again after p2 starts, since every single zone is going to be dominated by hordes.

I’ve updated the original post in this thread.

Free Character Moves from Noggenfogger are only available to Horde characters.

We’ve additionally enabled Free Character Moves from Shazzrah to Bloogfang, Dragonfang, Earthshaker, or Judgement. These are also only available to Horde characters.

Thank you!


Good move.

Might want to carefully examine the faction balance of the other Mega Servers and only enable Horde transfers in the other Mega Servers too.

Could you just consider the same for the server Lucifron? It has the worst Horde:Alliance ratio and is the by far the biggest German Server.

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Wow… so now the faction imbalance will move to my server instead.
Thanks for that! really blizz!!! :+1: :+1:

Paid migg when?

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Please make horde only from Firemaw aswell, super dominated by horde pretty much everywhere. Especislly blackrock mountain.

Dont jump on blizzards lazy 1 solution for 2 problems.
Global faction balance and server population is two separate problems that requires two separate solutions.

Be it faction caps, 1-way faction changes, targeted transfers to servers with high ally pop (if those exists), or even changes to racials if necessarily.
Or something else that i didnt think off, im no game dev.

This lazy ”fix” will just move the problem.
But they have failed to fix this problem for so many years so i expect nothing.

Just moved from Firemaw to Earthshaker!

At least they have faction specific transfers now to possibly help balance out some realms.

It’s great and all that you are introducing faction specific ansfers but come on…

How the hell is Lucifron NOT horde only? It suffers from severe faction unbalance and yet you give other alliance players another chance to run away?

How can people be so incompetent and yet still get paid to do their “job”. That’s just beyond me.


You want blizzard to fix Lucifrons faction balance problem by destroying the faction balance on Heartstriker too (already slightly Horde dominated) ? Seems like a very selfish demand.

Faction only transfers should only be used to balance the factions of the TARGET realm. Never the source realm.

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Any idea what is Lucifrons H:A ratio at the moment?

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Hey Blizzard,

is it possible for you and your employee to think 7+ hours on a workingday about the factionbalance/-imbalance + big Queue-times and how to fix it for P2?

the factionwide only transfers are a real good idea for that kind of problem, big congratulations for this smart idea. I never thought you will get this idea on your own.
but you should consider to do that on every server which has an imbalance. doesnt matter if the imbalance is on alliance or horde side.

and if you really want to get people out from mass-population servers like Lucifron, you should give the people more target servers instead of the “private-server” Heartstriker.

And to avoid any kind of discussion with other players who want to troll and stress me:
No I dont want to transfer away from Lucifron. But I am pretty sure some guys would think about that if there would be any other target server besides the “private-server”.

Many many Server on EU have more target servers then 1, many server have 4 target servers. why Lucifron only 1? why?
because Lucifron has a very low population???

I dont expect to get an answer… because every answer would make no sense… because yes, it makes no sense… Blizzard pls. Get a few workers and give them a few minutes in a meeting room. I am pretty sure they will have a solution for it… its not that hard.

If anything Lucifron is more like a private server tbh. Heartstriker has a good population now and I hope they dont allow faction only transfers there. You cant really give people from Lucifron other targets than Heartstriker because all other german PvP realms are overpopulated too.

Blizz can only fix this faction imbalance by capping each faction seperately at X amount of players and put more hordes in queue.

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How does transferring more players to Nethergarde Keep reduce its overpopulation problems?


That’s a bad assumption to make. They have been fairly clear on this. A good saying that guides my work life is : assumption is the mother of all f:ups. Words to live by.