Wow clone service

I am writing to express my disappointment that I never received an email notification about the service ending the clone level 60 service or any news of the service being discontinued. I only found out about it after the fact, and I believe many others may be in the same boat. If I had known that the clone 60 service was ending, I would have signed up for it to continue to enjoy its benefits.

I noticed a Reddit post with over 1000 upvotes, which suggests that many people share my frustration. Additionally, I read that without making posts, nothing will be done about this service.

As a loyal customer, I would appreciate any updates or information about the future of the service. Thank you for your time and consideration.



You’ve already been answered here about that though:

As said in one of the many other threads about this the data is gone and because of that the service will not return.

Some people will not accept that and just want blizzard to say again that the data is still gone.

I’ll quote one for you.

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Yet another thread. Yawn. Just make another character & level it if you really want to play classic again.


Remember, Classic doesn’t have boosts, no one skips leveling. That’s great about Classic.

Not this again…

Cant agree with you there… Today i loged and in 5 mins i surely ignored 20+ players selling boosts. It escalated really fast :rofl:

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I speak for 3 players. None of us noticed our chars would be wiped.

Hope Blizzard reconsiders.


The data is gone, what is for them to reconsider?

I missunderstood the clone service, I thought I had to clone my char to expansions - not to stay.
My own stupidity made me return to classic era with an empty char list, something I didn’t expect. (With now some of my OG names taken … :< )

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The clone service was just that, you could have your character on both Era and Progression (TBC/wrath) realms. You got to choose one or the other for free.

Most people complaining didn’t choose so their characters were activated on the progression realms and deleted from the Era realms. They also seem to think that going onto Era was the natural progression, when it wasn’t.

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I just missunderstood it, as I said above:
I thought if I made no choice, my chars would stay where they were (On Classic Era), and if I made a choice it would be to - move on -.

Jokes on me, I guess.
Now people have taken my names on classic era… sadness.

Actually they were on progression realms, Era was the new realms.

Again; Clearly missunderstood then. :skull:
I sincerely thought; This is classic - if I do nothing, they will stay, and that it was normal classic.
IDK… I guess that’s life.

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My feedback : 0/10 Customer service.

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My feedback: Ignoring cloning for 18 months so no interest in playing Era.

Now suddenly Era got momentum and you discovered you made a pooboo by NOT cloning but playing TBC and Wrath instead.

0/10 troll

I did nothing, blizz did. I just logged out, logged in, characters gone.

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you forgot inbetween: Ignored wow for 18 months.

So you are right: you did nothing. You ignored the step where you actually had to do something.

Yes I did nothing, blizz did. Thats the point. Poor customer service.

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If Blizzard had move all characters to Era instead of Wrath then hell would break loose. Blizzard just continued the progression realms WHERE YOU LEFT YOUR CHARACTERS.
It is two years ago they opened up cloning, and you ask for it now? That just confirms my believe that you are only here because you got tired of Wrath now.

YOU are to blame, not Blizzard. Stop acting like a little boy here and take some responsibility of your poor judgement.