WOW council and streamers

Hi there,
I always watch WOW related videos but the last couple of months kind of stop watching them. I feel like some of the content creators , streamers ,went to far. Are they really the face of the game? I feel offended many times when I watch these videos like they are saying every WOW player is toxic or everyone at Blizzard are bad. I am sure there are many nice people working over there and they are proud of their work. In game I met the nicest people as well made real friendships . Yeah , there are some toxic and rude people not just in WOW other games,at your work place, in the grocery store everywhere.
My point is I realized that some of youtubers are kind of doing clickbait videos. Is WOW dead , WOW community is bad FF is rainbows and unicorns… WOW tier list, ranking videos , My wish list for 10.0 blablabla … I am sure you know them. Of course they need viewers and of course MONEY ka-ching. Don’t missunderstand me I don’t say that all of them are bad I actually like many streamers and had an oppurtinity to play with them in game and they are awesome. I know that feeling you hate your job and even the smallest things happens you are so mad at everything. These people should not be part of WOW council. They can be upset about ( they already are) it but it will be better for the game if there are many types of players from all over the world with different mind set. I think this is what they are aiming for.
Let’s be honest any of you are worried about the Mythic raid release is not on the same day? Or worried about these high end players have to do split runs or not because I don’t. Some of the changes in game made it harder for some of us I loved titanforging , bonus rolls, more loot from the raid. They asked for it they got it. They created some of the in game problems and made many players believe that they can only clear mythic raid high M+ keys if you have full meta set up in the team. Every spec can do a +20 key and every “off meta” can clear mythic raid. Bring the player not the class! It’s ok if you are not having fun anymore but there are some of us still loves this game.I could go on for hours and it would but it would be very long. Be nice please in the comments Thanks guys for reading it.
I wanna mention nice an non toxic youtubers and worth watching their contents : Mysticall, Madskillz, Kelani, Soulsobreezy .


They asked for examples of community contributions and things you created so I am hoping they’ll be unbiased in who they select… as much as that’s possible anyway.
I wouldn’t want them selecting someone just because they are an influencer/command a large following.
Ultimately it should be people that have genuine passion and want to bring forward suggestions that can do the most good for the game and as many players as possible, rather than their own agenda.


Hard agree on that one.


I mean, the question literally expects you to be a streamer or youtuber. Nobody else need apply. Regular players not wanted, only those who speak for tens of thousands already.


Well said, those so called “content creators” got what they asked for and now they don’t even play game after they ruined it with their great and unmatched wisdom.


Most of the videos Youtube recommends are clickbait. There are some good ones out there (and by good, I mean actual, useful class/spec and content guides), but you have to go searching for them because they don’t get recommended.


They just need to choose normal players who play for a long time, who understand the game and know what is needed. No streamers, youtubers and other nonsense.


They had this sort of thing before a hidden forum where they would talk to streamers but at the end none of the devs listened. Telling we know what’s best for you not you.
So i am really skeptical with this community council as well in the long term.


True. But those ppl that you are trying so hard to exclude from council in this topic are also type of players. Their opinions are also valid. And their opinions are often shared with a large amount of players.

Anyone can sign up…you, me, youtubers…anybody.

Hence i dont think this is fair. :point_down:

Some ppl do care about these things. Just because !!you!! dont, it doesnt mean it should be discarded right? Every opinion and voice should be heard right?
Isnt that what are you trying to acomplish with this post?


It’s weird cause influencers already have an established ‘Influencer discord’ With Blizzard where they can talk with them and get all kinds of promotions and what not.

But I bet we’ll see a bunch of influencers and basically just ‘popular’ people be faces for the council which will end up leading to more problems.

Could tell by the application alone it would be biased just like everything else.

You wrote too much,yes most streamers are clickbaity lying misinformation spreading clowns who are financially motivated to spread misinformation lie ,be negative and such nonsense none of such should be picked.

Streamers like Hazel are okay in my opinion.
And I want at least 50% random players from whole wow as representative.

You can talk crap when it happens and focus your hatred when you get target now throwing it into wind is pointless.

lol triggered KEKW, the truth hits a little too hard on snowflakes like yourself. Sorry /moan

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If the WoW Council is full of streamers/influencers then they can go and dissolve the council on the spot.


Not sure how , you are one raging on nonexisting thing already which makes no sense.

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Depends on how you look at whats wrong with the game.

If its the fact that people dont like it, sure, you can have people with different tastes and perspectives to speak, and maybe itll contribute to an improvement on overall perception of the game.

If its the fact that there are design, functional or conceptual issues, then what you want is people that operate on the level of analysis needed to uncover those.

While im not a fan of clickbaity crap like tier lists, a vast majority of content creators I know are also exceptional players, playing on a level that requires of them that level of analysis and understanding of the game, hence they can contribute to making the game better, at least if you can understand what they have to say. Most of them that is.


Go watch hazel in your safespace


Mad cause showed how stupid you are?LUL
I instead of you talk crap and rage on things existing.

We can all hope that a wide variety of players have applied and Blizzard in their “infinite wisdom” ask as many different play styles into the community.
If it is fully of streamers and hardcore push to the max level content players, it will crash and burn.

But as with all things we should wait and see. A large selection of forum posters immediately dismissed the newcomer channel and for the most part my interactions and what I’ve seen there have been positive. The community council could be the same.

Again, let’s wait and see.
I do hope that everyone posting in this thread has at least made the effort and put themselves forward. If you’re going to discuss it, you may as well try and get into the community council.

Dude atleast watch that 2 min video talking about it.Or read post about it

Literally stated who will be in .